The Naim New Classic range - Part 1

Would be interesting to hear comparisons between the 222/300/250 against Linns equivalent (Selekt DSM/Akurate 2200?). It may be a surprise to some but even Linn offer PS and DAC upgrade options. If I ever do downsize I’ll certainly be looking at both, either with amps or active speakers (my preference).

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You talked to two dealers who are probably keen to sell.
I listened with my own ears, I posted my initial view and that of my trusted dealer several posts backstream.


Well I better get my flexible friend out then :+1:

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You missed a word out, so added it for you.

What are the first impressions?

Yes !
Nap 250-3


Great spot! :smiley:

Agree on that analysis @crispyduck and also the sentiment regarding heat vs light in respect to opinions.

I think there is a further use case in respect to the long time 272 owners out there. Some (like me) probably arrived via the 172XS route in my case paired with the NAP200. The 272 was a big step up at the time and my listening pleasure improved further with the upgrade to 250DR and then adding the XPS DR to where we are today.

I do think the current New Classic releases offer an alternative runway without going to a separate streamer with the ND555 or NDC2 plus preamp etc. As a heavy user of streaming but drawing on other sources including vinyl, and with a desire to have Qobuz as an option, the NSC222 definitely ticks the boxes. Just replacing the 272 means additional legacy cables so the logical move is maybe going from 3 boxes to 2 with NSC222 plus NAP 250 with the NPX 300 as a further optional upgrade. That is probably going to mean that trade in for 272/250 DR/ PS DR covers replacing one box so the upgrade cost is probably going to be in the region of £6 or £12k depending whether the NPX is included now or in the near future (before 2024 pricing?)

Maybe listening again in a few weeks to decide or just press the button now. Decisions, decisions.


Indeed - I forgot about owners of 272 who might want to upgrade the box in the way you have described. Easy to forget that whole point of 222 was as a (much requested) replacement for 272!


I’m really interested to hear a direct comparison between the new 300 PS and a 555DR with same source, amp and speakers…

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Very well spotted indeed… :slightly_smiling_face:

So, the NAP250 chronology might be listed as follows:

Original NAP200 (BD)
NAP250 (-1) (BD/CB/Olive) - I am sure there are plenty of variations with this)
NAP250-2 (Black Classic)
NAP250 (-2) DR (Black Classic)
NAP250 (-3) (New Classic)


That’s where I got the number from. :grin:

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Curious about this as well. My guess would be much better than the XPSDR but still well behind the 555PS

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I can confidentially say the 250-3 is substantially better than the 250DR. The 222 doesn’t show what it can do. I am still a bit shocked how good it is with the 252/SC.

My itch for the 300, which I demo’d with my current speakers, is gone.


What cables are you using to connect your 272 to the new 250?

That comports with the impressions I’m hearing with some variation b/w punching above the 282 and being on par. Exciting times.

I’m keen to hear impressions from the 272/555DR/250DR crowd who move over to the new line, how they go about it and their impressions on SQ. The 250 should be an improvement over the 250DR, 300NPX should improve upon the 555 given it can power both analogue and digital, and then the improvements of the 222 streaming platform over the 272.


The 555PSDR powers both digital and analogue, just via one burndy.

naim have decided the way ahead is separate burndy for each purpose.

naim have stated their view that NPX is better than XPSDR in listening tests. Nowhere have they said it improves upon a 555.

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I’m not aware that the 555PS powers both digital and anlaogue on the 272 which is the point of my comment if you read it in context.

So if you use a 555 with a 272 where is the power for the analogue section coming from if not the 555. And for the digital circuits if not the 555.


I’m sure someone can explain. I’m under the impression it’s only powering the analogue with the 272 but I could have that backwards. I could well have misinterpreted the comments here but I thought that was the only slight on the 272/555 is that you weren’t getting full use of it.