The Naim New Classic range - Part 1

Would be nice if people could be as levelheaded and dignified as our much respected Moderator on this thread. ATB Peter


I thought it was also with ATC

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I guess the early adopters should be almost 1 month in now and presumably all the demo systems will be in a similar situation. Will be interesting to get some feedback from the wild on how the New Classics are shaping up with some miles on the clock.

No, I never had ATC with the 272. I had ATC SCM40 passives, with ATC CDA2 and P1.

I can understand there might be need to delocalize part of the production, point is that would be appreciable if cost reduction could be reflected to clients.
Instead seems the approach used is the one of chief financial officers:
decrease production costs
decrease costs of sales within EU
increase prices
overall increase margins.
will this repay in the long run?

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From what I gather there is little if any cost reduction here - it’s more a necessity to find a flexible increase in capacity. However, probably a conversation better continued on the dedicated thread rather than this one.


@Tesilk I found a picture of that setup


I prefer the “Naim sound” with ATC.
Auralic btw sounded sterile in comparison.

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I agree with you. I had a Auralic Vega G2.1 with the ATC actives, for 6 months. The Vega is very good, however I prefer, like you, the Naim sound. :+1:


Seem to be quite a few NDXs and 282s for sale!


Found mine old system pic also


Did you not upgrade from a Nova? Or may be I got confused and remember incorrectly?

……and the speakers?………:blush:

Shahinian Obelisks

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Sounds like you have a very good, well balanced system :+1:

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250 enough ooph to drive the the shahinians ?

Need tons of power I believe ?

NAP 300 is a great pairing with Obelisks so I think the new 250 should be fine.

Armenian? As I am )

I think that was the Mk1s, the Mk2s are much more accommodating. The 250Dr had no problem as did the 300 and the new 250.


Yes I thought the 250DR was not quite up to it with my Mk1s. The 300 is great (as I suspect would be the new 250).