The Naim New Classic Range - Part 2

No I certainly don’t have a problem with it either just would have been nice to see the savings shared. Problem for Naim its the hands of those who are more interested in a bottom line they don’t share the same passion Naims UK staff or their loyal customer base have. It’s no one’s fault it’s just economics.

You’ll need a full NC 300 range to go with your new dwelling anyway Pete :crazy_face::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grinning::grinning:

I’m afraid after I pay for the building I’ll be fat out buying a Walkman.

Ha ha :grinning:

If you’re seeing Harry next Saturday you can hear the comparison NSS 333 vs NDX2 , he has it set up I believe

I haven’t heard it - if you do send a quick report Pete


I’m not going down that road thank you, think the best option is to not listen and therefore reduce the temptation.


Thought you might say that !!

With you on that one at this stage :+1:

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I’m just listening to some classic albums (see the what are you listening to thread) and still amazed how good my setup sounds. While I’m sure the new 300 series sounds great there comes a point that for a lot of extra cash you’re only getting slight improvements.

Edit, I know there’s a (trade) member that’ll probably jump in and say that in his option the difference is night and day. :grin:


With you on all counts

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The EU (Slovakia) site is just for extra capacity and I’m told is only used when needed. FWIW, as I posted earlier in the thread, from what I can see, it’s certainly not for saving costs.


Very sensible decision. I made this mistake when going to listen to an NVC and NPX TT, I went out of curiosity and left having paid for one.

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My 350s were both made in Slovakia. First 2 were changed due to hum and the replacements were also made in Slovakia. The hum was no different and has been cured by mains conditioner so Naim 350s were all good.

My 332, 333 and 2 x NPX300s were all made in UK. Doesn’t seem to matter where they are made. I suspect that rather than just an ‘overspill’ option when extra production is required, to make cost savings there would need to be a permanent production facility. Don’t forget, it costs money to send product to Slovakia and back again.


How do you find this info. Not that I care, just out of curiosity.

Interesting - thanks Bjm

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My UK-made 222 had to go back as it failed whilst the dealer was installing it, due to a relay sticking or something, it would drop a channel when going from an analogue input to the streamer or a digital input. The Slovakia-manufactured replacement which arrived the next day was perfect.

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@Bjm and @paulbysea interesting this ‘origin’ of manufacture. My 222 was built in Slovakia and my 350s are UK made.:man_shrugging:


It really doesn’t matter where they are made. Final testing is all done in the UK. There will always be a chance for failure regardless of country of origin.


True. But what worries me is a manufacturing defect which isn’t so obvious (perhaps a component value being out of tolerance) which leads to sound quality a little below that normal for the product. How can that be guarded against?

Salisbury still does the selection and matching of components, and all kit is thoroughly tested back at Salisbury too. It really is just an extension of the Naim factory floor, just based within one of Naim’s suppliers on the continent who have the necessary skills and capacity to do the job to Naim’s required quality standard.


And why do you think this could not happen in the UK. This forum really gets down when the UK is the best starts in any thread, of course it is more or less just as good or bad as anywhere ielse in the world.


Of course it could happen in the UK. I didn’t imply otherwise.

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