The Naim New Classic Range - Part 2

It does sound awesome, I absolutely agree. I have them too (333/332). That said, the 222 → 333 upgrade was far less of an improvement than the NC 250 → 350s were. Just my observation having owned both combinations.

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I upgraded from Anthem STR Pre to a Naim 222.
Was using an Intel NUC as my streamer, very underrated, but change needed.
The Naim 222 was superior . Clarity, drive, openness. It brought me closer to the music and the artist.
I had an old XPS. This brought a noticeable worthwhile improvement. Moved everything up a small notch, worth the SH money. I started exploring a XPS DR.
Loved the Anthem STR Power, fast huge dynamics. Little bright. Bass very good.
Dealer got in Naim 350. Heard them, STR replaced. I find little to criticise the Naim 350. Had Naim 250DR as expected no competition. But my experience with listening to a lot of kit is limited but some access, where I am in rural Scotland. My mistake was listening out of curiosity to a Naim 333/332. Another all round uplift. The 333 was an improvement over the 222 enough for me, but the 222 is a loverly bit of kit and may do many, but I would add a power supply.
I was now on my last major purchase given my age. So got the PSX 300’s in. The XPS would not do it for the 333. The 300’s justified themselves.
Should a PSX300 be on the 333 or 332. Using Naim Lavender interconnect I preferred in on the 332. Using high quality Silver interconnect preferred on 333. Which is better will be subjective and person to person as usual. For me they both brought enough improvement to lighten the pension pot.
I have a scale to help me break down the changes against justifiable cost. In total I was evaluating 25 combinations including leads. They obviously all passed the criteria. yes I did consider SH 500PS’s.
Describing the sound improvement is not easy. Thomas Stereo, all about taste and synergy. I like getting closer to the Artist, I need clarity, micro dynamics and the usual rhythm (not use PRaT). Feet need to tap. Emotions need to swell. Both the Artist and mine.
One thing, my speakers line of over 30 years all sounded bright metal dome tweeters even including Focal Sopra. With every amp I tried. That harsh shrillness has completely gone, first time ever, lower distortion, who knows.
Finally you need an exception dealer to accommodate changes, bring kit to you and spend time in my house, he can use his experience.
My journey has stopped, well except for updating the Vinyl……


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One downside bout the NC chassis is the glossy acrylic - will have hairline scratches and magnet to dust


Can you please elaborate on what you feel you’ve lost going from the 332 to the 222? I have a chance to grab a really good deal on a 332 and have owned the 222/250 combo for close to a year. I love the 222/250, but I’m curious if once again going down the many box upgrade path is really worth the space and money overall. One piece leads to another and another. Buying the 332 means I’m searching for a DAC/streamer again and then more power supplies etc… I know my 222 took many months before it really was at its best so maybe asking now is a bit premature.

It seems that the general consensus is that the 222/300/250 or 222/300/350 combos are really the bang for buck systems, so maybe that is the route I should be entertaining. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.

Unless you have the long term budget for a 300 Series system, buy an NPX 300 for your 222 and you’re good!



The 222/300/250 really has an amazing synergy and the whole is better than the parts. It’s a very compelling listen

That said the 332 is better and gives a bigger sound stage, digs deeper in subtle nuances, textures and colors. Plus, it’s tighter and has more weight. This is all with the near Klimax LP12.

As far as the streaming side. the 222/300/250 is vastly more enjoyable than the Pulse/DmpA8 with HugoTT I had going into the 332. Which tells me the 332 needs a top source to shine.

I never tried it with the 350 so I’m sure that adds a ton. If you’re plan is to go full 300 Series I’d get the 332. If not, I would add the NPX300 and stick with what you have as it works brilliantly together.


To clarify my last (and first post ever). Having worked through all those options and understanding peoples differences to what is important to them in SQ and cash available.
The 222 is exceptional in its position. Better for my tastes then the other streamers auditioned to, emotion, dynamics rhythm, and I went in to by Naim after the 272 I had for a while . My Dealer talked to Naim directly. Adding an old XPS they said would add. A XPS-DR more so. They were correct. And a good cost effective Second Hand upgrade. And many would be happy to go no further. Not just cost but the SQ offered May rightly suit all your needs, I have great respect for the 222. A NPX300 was, on the 222, better again but worth the extra cost over XPS,s. Well It’s personal and the Bank Balance.
I had the 222 and 333 at home for nearly 2 weeks, good dealer. Yes the 333 got my money. And definitely won the Wife over. But the 222 might be all you need. Again talking directly to Naim they were slightly less enthusiastic to the XPS improvement with 333 as I’d used and heard with the 222, guess what, they were correct, limited uplift, if you had one worth using ( mine was 20 years old unserviced), Naim not dismissive but, as I read between the lines ! And upon hearing the NPX300 they were again correct. ( I had decided not to chase the double500PS SH route)
For many a 222/XPS-DR/NC250 might be all they would want, and it is cost effective, (not sure how I justify that statement, LOL), it is very good regardless even with access to money I can see people happy, I was with the 222, until moving to 350’s had me the demo the 333/332. For me I went NC300 range but recently reheard the 222 and for many it would be their sweet spot.
Hope I’ve offered some insight. It’s all Taste & Synergy after all. The only care? Don’t go listening to the 300 system if you do have access to the cash. Your account, for some of us, just will be emptier. And a Wife who is a Hi-Fi nut really helps. Good Dealer compulsory to be sure where you are, cost against SQ.
Finally As a sideline I very recently heard some Fyne Audio stand/ mounters/Naim Nait and ND5 streamer latest stuff at the Dealer in passing. I was blown away by the sound. And all in about £12k. For some all they would want, they should not feel they have to or need to go beyond. And you could be happy for a decade.


Are the ‘new’ SL XLR - XLR cables shielded?


Punch Cards rule! :rofl:

Just curious to what NC owners think about better power cords with their kit. Specifically the NAC 332/NPX 300 combo.

I have only a standard “kettle cord” with my preamp/PSU as NAIM don’t ship it with a NAIM Powercord in my part of the world.

I’m thinking Isotek Optimum ? Does the NC range respond well to better power cords ? Some hifi kit just seem immune to upgraded power cords for some reason.

I know my ATC Actives are immune to high end ones, to my surprise. Just the shipped ones that ATC supply are fine, I tried better ones and just did not notice any difference.

I tried several different cords on my Atom HE (similar construction) and there was no different from the shipped Powerline Lite. I will try on my 222/250 when I get back from holiday.

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Wireworld Stratus made a clear difference with my ATCs

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I use Vovox excelsus and Furutech FpS032N Powercords. They make a big difference (Nait 50, nDac, ND5XS2). But they influence the sound (Vovox fast and neutral, Furutech slightly warm). Naim Powerline is designed for Naim devices. Therefore a safe, but not cheap choice. Otherwise, you can find an overview of the sound trends of various manufacturers in the “Audio Bacon” article “27 Best Audiophile Power Cables”.

Just checking my 332 for dust after the first 6 months, and I see very little on the acrylic part.


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I tried Qubos but did not like the app and the sound quality using chromecast is not at all close to standard Tidal, and no connect feature on Qubos unlike the other streaming choices. For me too little extra with highres and too much to lose in terms of usability. Waiting for highres flac from Tidal and I am sure this will be ok, and if I will have to wait a few months extra for Naim support I will live with that.

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I use Audirvāna on a Mac mini streaming Qobuz via the 222 as a upnp end point. Audirvāna studio app. Works a treat and quality is superb. Better than the Qobuz or Naim apps.

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Hi Claus , yes tidal max is good and I found out it also depends on the recordings … :sweat_smile: I tried 2 different recordings of the same artiste, one sucks , both are max (hi res) I had no access to quobuz, sigh , but tidal max and MQA works for me … :wink:

Am surprise that naim has no access to tidal max/MQA … being such a capable streamer …

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Hi … when I demoed the NC 300 series , my dealer are using Isotek power cord and cables , no bad … but have you listened to them yet ? If no, better have a demo … thanks :blush: