The new Adele album…

Removing the shuffle function ain’t going to help. I’ve enjoyed her previous work but this really is a pile of crap. That’s 58 mins I’ll never get back


If you enjoyed her previous albums i don’t see how you can say that it is a pile of crap. It has strong vocal performance, very good production, interesting arrangements…

Actually i think it is her best album yet. Maybe you don’t care about the lyrics? Breakup albums are kind of a strange thing to listen to…

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The Visitors by ABBA anyone?

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There is a separate thread about it in case you care about it :slight_smile:

I like a good breakup album. This just isn’t it. Disappointed :frowning:

I don’t particularly.

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The couple of tracks I heard were “ok”. I think you have to be in the mood. The two tracks I heard SQ was just fine. I do really enjoy her voice.

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Have to say I found it disappointing too.
Hyped up to the eyeballs. Maybe there’s a lesson there.

If I wasn’t clear I only listened to a couple of tracks and found them enjoyable. For me it usually takes more than one or two listens before I can judge an album. I surely didn’t think my response would come off as negative. One of the reasons I have a streamer is to discover new music.

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Apart from the Bond theme (Skyfall was it?) I know nothing of her work.

Played on Qobuz and initially 1st track seemed ok until there was a bit of introspective verbal droning on and ‘miaow’???

Lost interest.

Tried again later on Apple Music - ok in the background but coudl take it or leave it. Mrs AC watched the ‘celeb’ concert last night and seemed better ‘in the flesh’ so to speak.

The jury is out for me currently. There seem to be quite a few ‘breakup albums’ around currently. Is it just cathartic for the artist but seems self-indulgent to the listener? Not sure.

I have to say the whole release seem orchestrated media wise - London Palladium concert (where were Shirley and Tom?), Sony refusing an Aus interview to be aired as interviewer had ‘neglected’ to listen to the album, influencing Spotify? If she really didn’t want anyone to be able to shuffle, maybe she should’ve done a single track release (a bit like Prince’s Lovesexy reissue a few yaers ago on iTunes (?others).

Suffice to say certain things seem a bit ‘precious’.

Hate to say it but the Spitting Image carcicatures may be influencing me.

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It’s harmless and I quite like it to be honest - expectation bias by the majority when it was just ‘same old’ with older participants - a couple of good tracks, many fillers.

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Good points!

It’s all a bit like sport really - artists/bands/teams can be successful then not so good. Our expectations with audio seem higher.

Firstly, it’s not “new” music, it’s her fourth album and - to me - the same old sentimental drivel. Secondly, people are entitled to their opinion. You may not like it but it is their opinion.


She certainly has a fair pair of lungs, but can’t say it’s something I’d listen to often.

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It weirded me out listening to her talk to her child about being messed up in the head because of her divorce. And it was even weirder when her child’s complaint that she doesn’t seem to love him was included. Ouch. If she wants to air all of her dirty laundry and issues in her music, it’s not my cup of tea but that is her business. But when her child grows up he may not appreciate having been included in that confessional.

More than that, though, I can’t stand listening to singers who have destroyed their voices through overuse, neglect, lifestyle choices, etc. Early Adele was interesting. She was a good songwriter and vocally passable, but you could tell that her voice wasn’t going to hold out for long. Now, all I hear is the hoarseness and the air whooshing past her damaged vocal folds.

I gave this new album about 40 minutes of my time, and I think that’s all it will get.


It’s been well received by reviewers but I didn’t get through track 3, which started with a reasonable tune but then is overlaid with her speaking to her son forward of the mix.

It was all a bit disturbing in its self indulgence, not sure I can go back for more.

And I can’t wait for the limited edition vinyl to arrive now.

Turning tables for me is her best tune from 21.

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I recognise that she has a splendid voice. Really. But sad that the music is out of interest, for me of course.


If I could like this comment twice, the child moment, just cringe inducing, couldn’t listen after that, the opening song was bad enough.

And I’m no Adele hater, bought the Cd and have the vinyl limited edition on order, no hater just a sucker for a limited release.

I’ll cleanse with Lady Blackbird and Tori.

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I’ve removed some posts. Whatever you may feel about Adele’s latest album, please remain civil to one another. Thank you.


Thank you, Richard!