The new NAIT 50 Limited Edition

I actually quite like the white led even in the dark


I’m trying It with vinyl on Rega P3/Exact, which over the last few years i found pretty flabbly with Stage line into Nait XS, 202hc and 552. Now playing Lisa Gerrard/- ExaudiaIt seems totally energized.
This little Beast seems really made for vinyl like the old CBs

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Mine does the same, I have mine set up for PC duty’s in my office connected to my PC via a audioquest dragonfly into a pair of Linn Tukans. Whenever I turn the mains on there’s a loud thump through the speakers before it enters standby. ( I know I should leave it on all the time but everything is switched off at the mains after use as it only gets used once or twice a week ).

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I suspect that the NAIT 50 would be very good indeed into a pair of QUAD ESL57s.

(My own QUADs are stacked, and I won’t disassemble them to try a single pair.)

It’s a bit strange to hear that pop upon plugging something into mains whereas not so strange on the other amps when hitting the power switch.

Today is a very nice day. The courier will deliver me Audio Physic Classic 3, PMC Prodigy 1 and Naim nd5xs2. I will compare the nd5xs2 to my Chord Qutest and the PMC and AP to my ATC scm7. The amplifier is, of course, Nait 50. How do you predict which speakers Nait 50 will like the most? :slight_smile: Personally, I’m secretly counting on PMC, but my ATCs haven’t beaten such players… We’ll see.


Let’s get to work :slight_smile:


Finally, arrived in Malaysia after long waiting. Listen the demo unit at dealer during the collection. Sound very2 good indeed. Now the sound still improving since Friday last week. Replacing 102/180 setup, bass is much better with a lot of top end details driving Proac D20R


I have about twenty hours on this Nait 50. Maybe too early for comments? System is a Rega P10-Aphelion 2-Cinemag Sky SUT-Nait50-Fink Team Kim speakers. Although I can stream, it’s just about all vinyl here.

It’s a stunning amp in more ways than one. As listening time passes, going to be interesting to compare to my other Naits, my external phono stage, other equipment, etc…. Early impressions lead me to suspect this Nait 50 will fare well, which is amazing. :grin:

Many thanks to the Naim team (@110dB et al) for such a great amp.



Would love to hear more about the Fink Team Kim. Hi Fi Critic loved them. I have had them recommended as the perfect speaker, and priced to match unfortunately. And rare as hen’s teeth in the USA. How do you like them and how do they compare to what you have had or heard in the past?

And is your stand a dedicated Fink factory stand or something after-market that you have added?



Hi @Skip , I just read the Hifi Critic review. That’s a great review as it’s quite comprehensive. Yeah, what they said… :smile:

The stands with the Kim are permanently attached and arrive attached in the box.

If you are near Boston, you should visit Matterhorn Audio/Blink High End…owner has a great ear (pianist, composer) and a great setup there.

Over the years, have owned different Altec Horns, multiple Devores, Harbeths, Dynaudios, etc….in the past. I’ve loved all the speakers I have owned (except one) but these Kims are clearly the best speaker I have owned. Still have my Quads and AR3As, of course.

Everyone hears different but in these, I hear a very natural sound without sacrificing detail or dynamics/speed. These also do not sound thin like some monitors can sound. Quite the opposite in fact.

I mention the Kims here precisely because they are so easy to drive and so flexible (damping setting #2 on rear panel is perfect for the low damping factor of Naim amps). The aesthetics of this speaker work for us and my wife likes that the AMT tweeter is manufactured in her hometown. :smirk:


The headphone SQ of the Nait 50 is much better than my first listening. I was not sure then if I preferred the headphone output from Linn Akkurate DSM/3 or Nait 50. Now I can say it’s the Nait 50. Such a great little amp.


Well i succumbed this week, and bought this little amp

First listen tonight, with the amp yet to run in - and you can add me to the ‘wow’ brigade. This amp is a class act and unbelievable with only 25w into 8 ohms. I was playing through my Proac DB1’s - an excellent match I think. It’s punchy balanced and detailed.

Source was CD into a Denafrips Pontus 2 DAC, and I think the warmth of the Pontus really helped.


I see Grado headphones. I bought their Hemp headphones, but I haven’t got the NAIT 50 up and running yet, so I haven’t heard them.


I am running my Proac D2R at the end of an all Naim system, source being Macbook into a Dac-V1. Have you ever had a Naim streamer or dac prior to the Denafrips? I am curious how they perform against those? I have been reading the rave reviews for their entire line of dacs and I wonder whether sound would change much to the warmer side if I swap the V1 for a Pontus or a Venus maybe, which actually might benefit the speakers a bit. Please excuse me for the slight tread drift.

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not to derail this thread but can you give us a view (in a separate thread) on the Classic 3s vs your ATCs? I’d be keen to hear what you think

I’ve never used a Naim streamer, but i have a Cambridge Audio 851n which is very good. The 851n was very comparable to my old Denafrips Ares ii DAC so I’d expect it to be inferior to the Pontus 2 - but I’ve never compared them back to back (I will do at some point as i may just plug the digital out into the Pontus). I’ve also heard the Venus 2 which is less rich but more detailed and airey than the Pontus 2.
I heartily recommend Denafrips DACs for that warm vinyl like sound.
Ps The Chord Qutest is also good - a bit more etched and punchy then the Pontus but not as warm


on this site is a thread dedicated to streamers with the nait 50, btw.

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unning. The differences between AP and PMC are obvious. They result first from their size and construction, and secondly from the different philosophy / idea for the sound of both producers. However, nd5xs2 has already been played and for me Qutest is better, more order and less coloration, more fidelity. The Naim nd5xs2 zooms in and enlarges the foreground and does not have the same dynamics and control of low tones as the Qutest.