The new NAIT 50 Limited Edition

Thanks Bandit

Your findings on the Nait 50 requires very good sources same as my experience

Currently using it with LP12 ARO keel etc with Superline/ SCDR - sounds great


I agree, it responds well to great sources, I use a DAVE, I have tried a bare NDX2 analogue out, it was ok but nothing special to my ears… I might have been spoilt.
I too don’t find it bright; with my Russell K RED 50s it sounds wonderfully balanced with good detail without highlighting and good tight bass with superb timing and imaging with beguiling details in the mids, although I don’t get much if any percussive punch with the diminutive RED 50s, but do get reasonably good in room sub bass extension…. Does its stuff with The Chemical Bothers for example.

I find the headphone amp is quite good, I would say it’s more a musically attractive presentation rather than dead accuracy… but interestingly don’t get much bass slam with my magnetic planars like I can get with some headphone amps.

But for me it sings with speakers that excel on timing, and this is so key for older and poorer recordings to sound authentic and natural, rather than sounding bright, muddy or glaring,… to the point it becomes infectious listening. Now I realize the source probably has a lot to do with this as well, but the Nait50 communicates this.


Whilst I find it great that you love the Nait I do firmly believe it’s your source at 10k+ that is the real star here.

I think so that the Nait 50 was not yet broken in. Mine had been used since September last year but was switched off to loan my friend. It sat idle in the box for a few weeks after return. I will have it on and played some music for a longer while before re-evaluate. Thank you Kolner for your comments.

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Thank you Bevo. Playing LP12 via Superline (HCDR in my case) to a Nait 50 was a good experience. The nait 50 expresses difference of sources much more than the 72/hc/140. I would imagine how good it is with a Powerline.

By the way, I forgot to mention that I’s using a Power igel as power distribution for all of the gears in the setup.

Thanks CliveB for your sharing. I don’t think the Nait 50 bright. It presented more details than the 72/hc/140 did. It may need more time to break in. I totally agree with you that it’s very musical. It’s magical after switching the listening from NDX to LP12.

Nait 50 is a kind of bright thing. However not in a primitive way of that. I would call it ‘vibrant’, ‘sparkling’ or smth.

My Nait 50 is now in the second setup but when I first brought home the N50 it took pride of place in the main living room along with:- Fraim, Powerline (on the N50), SL2s, Chord DAVE + MScaler… stunningly good

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It’s interesting you say that - I also seem to prefer the BBC R3 presentation over Satellite/DTV which is MP2 compared to AAC online. The latter should in theory sound better - but I am not sure it does for my tastes.
Terrestrial Digital TV BBC RADIO 3 also sound excellent as well. I believe the same codec and bandwidth is used on Freeview/Sky and Terrestrial DTV for BBC Radio 3 which is 48kHz sample rate at 192 kbps MPEG 1 Layer 2 (aka MP2) Joint-Stereo.
Interestingly only Radio 1,2 and 3 are broadcast at 192kbps, but 1 and 2 don’t sound as good - perhaps due to other processing and higher LUFS compression on those channels.

I now have a TOSlink connection between my decoder and DAC.

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I used my Nait 50 system a couple of weeks back due to a mini strip and rebuild of my active system ( and a wee tweek of treble lift as my system has settled ) . The Nait 50 system is Planar 3 , Genki digitally into NDX with Keilidh. Mogami cables . And I was rocking it no holding back on volume , and wow it really found it’s feet , what a belter , sorry no over brightness here just good rockin music machine . Addictive .
No way its better than my main or replacing it any time soon ,but if it’s all I had I’d still be in heaven .

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When I’m trying to read my Nait 50 setup, playing in the background, is a total distraction.


Have you compared Emerson with native streamers by chance?

It certainly seems to sound good with a full fat Powerline which is what I use on mine.
To be honest I have not compared without the Powerline.


I will give it a try later.

I’ve upgraded from in-box lite version to power line and also tried some other cables - it’s good and synergy is there

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Just waiting for the DAC, but I will have this setup in few days :sweat_smile:


Nice, clean and minimalist system :+1:t3:

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Nice. I also use an IrDAC with my NAIT 2.

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Snap, Rega P6, IrDAC / M1CDT, Nait 50 & Kralk BC/30’s in second system (near-field).

Always liked the IrDAC but have often wondered if it’s well off the pace now?

It might be, but it’s a good little DAC that’s nice and small and has good connectivity and also sounds pretty good too, so I’m not too fussed if no longer cutting edge.