The new NAIT 50 Limited Edition

Indeed and in this respect the finest performance I’ve heard from the NAIT 50 so far in terms of both quality and synergy is with the ‘analogue’ NSS 333/NPX 300.

Surely the finest performance of any system is determined by the source.

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Yet so many just use their iPhone or the like, in front of mega priced setup - the world is mad.


Sadly this is so true and all because the phone is king.

My Unitilite was the only Naim streamer I listened too.

The sound improvement was significant but I was using the Nait 50 as the amp as well.

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I don’t think that was the point (at least mine). My point was the Nait seems to be revealing and this is where a lesser source doesn’t sound as good as I would prefer.

As far as source goes and as an lp listener, it always starts first with the quality of the lp being played…

Pretty much what I said in a different way so I do agree.
And yes LPs are the main source for me. :+1:t2:



I need a CB Streamer ASAP.

Thank you NAIM.


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Would be nice but since the dealers still haven’t shifted all ~2000 Nait 50 amps then I suspect there isn’t the market for one.

I know there are plenty of vintage CB systems in operation but doubt many of their owners will want to shell out on an expensive streamer - most seem to used in second/office systems.

I’m absolutely stunned by the quality of the Nait 50. My 552 has had to go to Naim for repair/service and my dealer has lent me this until it’s return. It is replacing the 552/350s into Shahinian Obelisks using my NDS and LP12 as sources. Of course it doesn’t have the fullness of the main system but it is giving a perfectly acceptable performance with life, definition, depth and width. Really, really, impressed. I could quite happily live with this.


Good to hear. I expect you won’t want to give it back…

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He’s already said he won’t let me keep it

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there is only the STATEMENT to be better than the NAIT 50 LE

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New avatar for you. :wink:


I’m having a similar experience with a SN3 in place of my 552/500. It makes me wonder when I compare prices!

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I’ve just noticed. The dial really does go up to eleven.



What speaker cables you use withe N50LE

Hi there

I tried Nordost red dawn, Chord Rumour x large and Naca05 with N50

Naca is warmer and the PRAT is highlightened.
Nordost is more detailed, bass tighter and highs are a bit pronounced without being ear harsh
Chord RXL is very pleasant with the old school naim sound I mean nait 5i naitxs2 …
as the N50 is actually the new Naim sound signature

Townshend Isolda currently, works perfectly for me but I guess might be a bit forward for somebody.