The new NAIT 50 Limited Edition

Well worth 1500 pounds. :+1:

Should be NC Supernait

Ha :+1:

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Maybe, maybe not as Naim have announced white logo.

There’s something going on…

I was very happy to listen today my new AKG 712pro headphones with the Nait50 and the CDS.
I can say that the Nait50 headphone section is very good because the difference between the AKG 240 MKII and the new one is clearly showed by the Nait.
And overall, the association between the Nait and the CDS is really top.
So I can check again how good the CDS still is.
Groove, coherence and natural sound, that’s it :grinning:


dear community

hope you will help to make me understand if my phono card works correct or not.

From the start I can hear a humming noise coming through my speakers when I select the turntable input.

In addition, there is always a dull noise when I turn on the amplifier in phono mode from its standby mode.

This noise isn`t noticeble if I select stream aux or mains - no matter if I turn the volume when the amp is in power modus - or if I wake him up from standby.

the last point is: if I disconnect the turntable, the noise is even louder.

do you think this is normal?

thanks for your help.

Hi @ducmoto1975

What do you have connected to the phono input?

If there is nothing connected to the RCA sockets there will be a hum (and noise) when the volume is turned up. If you do not like this, it is possible to add some shorting plugs to the RCA sockets.

If you have a turntable connected fitted with a moving magnet cartridge there should be no noticeable hum with the volume set at listening levels. If there is hum, please check the connection to the arm ground lead.

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Mine is the same and I think how Nait 50 is designed. Connecting the Nait 50 dedicated earth point at the back to the mains earth eliminates the noise regardless of whether a TT is connected.

Indeed when a TT is not connected to the phono input the nouse is louder (can be rather loud) when the Nait is not grounded.

There are posts from others and some photos I posted to illustrate somewhere previously in this regard.

I connected two different turntables.

the technics 1200GR
and the Technics 1200MK2

I tested several cardridges
Nagaoka 200
Ortophon Nightclub
Nagaoka 110

all combinations show the same result. noticeble at listening levels.

thanks for the hint with the RCA soket plug.

I see
wil try

why is the nait50 designed like that?
sounds like they forgot to ground this amp probably.

Hello is this a Naim accessory or could you provide recommended details please.

They look like regular RCA phono shorting plugs to me. A number of amps needed them, and I recall that my old Marantz PM4 came with them as standard.

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Amazon and ebay have similar.

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Here’s a picture of my old PM4 showing the shorting plugs in place.


Thank you both for very quick and informative replies.
Every day is a school day “ shorting plugs “
I’ve just got little rubber domes on my unused sockets. :scream: :wink:
Sorry for the blurry pic I was lucky to get it. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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(I think…) Knowing you like a good rationale :wink:

Can I ask why you fit those caps?

Just to keep dust out and stop any tarnish.
Probably in my head but looks tidy. :+1:t2:
The Audiophile answer is they filter RFI not being conductive and when used on outputs they stop the music falling out. :wink:


That is one beautiful room!

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These rubber ones are to protect from dust, they are not shorting plugs. (I would agree shorting plugs help and I have a few at home that use on some unused RCAs)

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The ones I have use a removable centre pin to allow use as a dust cap without shorting or earthing the centre.

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