The new NAIT 50 Limited Edition

Are these the active ones with internal amps?

It is definitely a case of want vs. need, but if the Nait 50 is the equal of an XS2 - I’ll be over the moon.

Putting the RIAA curve to one side, is there much ‘voicing’ of an amp like this? Or do you workshop a design and thats it? - i.e., it will simply sound the way it sounds?

Just thinking that there is no ‘system’ for it to slot into, so how would you know which way to voice it anyway.

Perhaps the concept of voicing applies more to cartridges and speakers anyway - I dont know - i know nothing about electronics so might be a daft question.

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I would hope it is voiced similar to the current range rather than the Nait 1. ie. A modern design in a retro box.

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Yes, I’m also expecting it to sound like a modern Naim amp with the possible exception of the phono stage. I just wondered if there is much scope for the engineers to tweak the presentation within that remit.


ELAC active ones are the NAVIS range (ARB 51 - monitor and ARF 51 - floorstander). Both have good reviews and very interesting - they have a complete analogue signal path.

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I heard these ELAC Vela VBS403 at Acoustica HiFi show last year and they sounded really good.

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Vela BS 403, these are passive.

Yes, the passive ELAC Vela VBS403 were at the HiFi show.

It is a nice catalyst for exploration at least. We have a complete 500 rig downstairs. We have a HugoTT2-SN3-nSat rig upstairs. Our long time Meridian F-80 rig died over the weekend. Dead as a hammer. They are expensive to fix in the US. My order is in for the Nait50 into a ProAc Tab10 Signature. It should be fun to play with out of a TV and swap the DAC in and out. I hope there are decent aftermarket bids for the Nait50 if needed.

Fingers crossed always.


I will be interesting to see if the Nait 50 can replace my SN3. My Zu Audio Omen Def Supremes have a sensitivity of 101db so it shouldn’t have any problem driving them. What will be an issue is the lack of a subwoofer output.

I have a builder coming tomorrow , I have a trade in price on my Nova and Graham Slee which more than goes a considerable way to offsetting the cost of the Nait

Depending on what the builder quotes me , I’ll pull the plug tomorrow

My dealer tells me 2/3rds already allocated

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Went the day well?

What a beguiling product. I’ve thought about it often since its announcement. Trying to rationalize should I or should I not. It would have to replace my recently serviced (and mint) Nait 2.

The Nait 50 has one critical flaw to meet my needs: it needs to have 3 line level inputs. Having a MC cart / phono amp, CDP, and cassette deck as sources, it just won’t work. A shame, as the headphone output would be a nice addition and the finishing work is just superb. Nonetheless, I’m sure I won’t be able to stop considering the possibilities! Kudos Naim👏


You could always go for a step up amp to play your MC into the Nait 50’s MM input.

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You can easily get around the limited number of inputs by using a switching box eg beresford tc 7240.

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Do you think the 50 would be ok with Allae speakers.

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For sure Mint

I’ve used them with a Nait 2 and worked very well :+1:

The Nait looks mint and super.
“ please put it in the centre of shelf “
Equidistant OCD. :+1:t2:


Put an order in …

The Nova will be going, I only used in for it’s DAC, amplification and internet radio .

My little UnItiQute will do the streaming and as a short term measure I will get an ifi Zen DAC for the CDX2.2 .

At some point I will be downsizing from my lovely house in the country to a flat . At which time there will be a re-structuring of the audio system