The Recording Function on Pres

What for are you using the recording function on the higher end naim pre amps?



Recording :wink:

You can listen to one input and record another, if you do such a thing. You can also use it to listen to a different input on headphones. The amount of additional cost is small, so why not

Recording on what :slight_smile: and from what? :smiley:
The Headphone thingy I understand. It can be useful.

Tapes :wink: But you could also plug in a DAC and digitize an LP why you listen to something else

Ohhhh this is useful. I don’t own tapes or tape device or LPs, but can understand how this can be useful to some.

So the in/out plugs can be connected to a dac and just mirror the input? Can this be done on the integrated amps as well (obviously with the same source/target)?

You can theoretically connect whatever that takes the same signal as a tape recorder would.

Edit: SN3/XS3 manual:

The NAIT XS 3 [same for SN3] av and stream inputs have associated
outputs that enable the selected input signal to be routed
externally; to an audio recording component for example.

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Thanks. This can actually be fun :slight_smile:

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Well obviously not a DAC but ADC, analog-to-digital

I have a Stax energiser on a record output just in case I ever want to have a listen to my headphones.

I asked a similar question a while back - was surprised that it is still well used by some

Yep its what I understood.

The tape out is critical in my opinion. But a seperate record output selector is not. I think this hearkened from the days where you might have a CD playing while also taping a program off the radio.

For sure, that still happens. But it’s an edge case. Recording now is far more likely to happen while listening to what you’re recording. Simply because your ND streamer doesn’t let you play something off Tidal or UPnP while sending web Radio4 to another input. No one wants to buy 2 streamers to satisfy that previously common scenario.

I think the single bank of combined listen/record buttons as seen on everything below the 282, is sufficient for 99% of users.

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Headphones at the moment but I still hanker after a Nak!

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I use it for recording. I use a pair of Nakamichi cassette decks, a pair of Marantz PCM digital recorders and a bunch or R2Rs (admittedly these are mostly used for playback only these days) - very useful, especially the record mute and record mono buttons.

Recording my vinyl via a Mac mini.

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