The UK's Next Prime Minister

I see that David Miliband has been mentioned in another thread. Made me wonder !

If TM pulls the plug and opts for a General Election, or shortly after Brexit, resigns as PM as she has promised…

Who would YOU like to see as Prime Minister ?

…and in which direction would YOU like to see him/her taking the newly independent UK ?

Mr Kipling, at least he can make exceedingly good cakes :joy::joy::joy:


All this Brexit stuff makes me think the two party system is not fit for purpose - purely because the politicians can’t reach a compromise, something some have managed on the continent.

As for the next PM … I doubt cream rises to the top.


Michel Barnier.

Just a guess.


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Me! I guarantee that I can screw up better than anyone currently in the HoC.

I’m not sure I like him particularly but I suspect it may be Matthew Hancock as the least objectionable candidate to all Tory tribes.

As to what he does, well fk knows. It’s going to be a brave new world isn’t it…?

What I would like is a proper 10, 15, 20 year plan as a consensus for running the U.K.
Undoing previous policies, finding your feet, rallying the troops takes two years. Two years of policy can follow but then a year of electioneering means little progress ever seems to be made in a term these days.

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He’s the government No.1 nodding dog.

Doing nothing is no bad thing, just think of the benfits if Chris Grayling had done nothing for the past 4 years.

UK unemployement is down, employment is up and trade is up. Why? The governments been to busy with brexit to coock thing up.


Problem is the HoC is full of skimmed milk people, all no cream, most weighed down with ideology & I don’t any natural leaders floating to the top anywhere.
Whatever, we are in uncharted waters. My only hope is we don’t get Corbyn, but fear we will, I have a real concern for this country with the momentum trotsky party at the helm. Add the challenges of recovering from brexit & … it doesn’t bear thinking about.


I’ve seen it mentioned on the brexit threads, that the EU acts too slowly, EI, that’s a bad thing. I see it as a good thing, you don’t see the EU wasting money by changing direction every 5 years.

Well. If Corbyn gets his way, we’ll be out of the EU but as close to being in it, without actually being in it. Thus the economic hit from leaving will be minimised. Surely you must give Corbyn credit for that.

BJ, he is the one behind Brexit, so he has to deal with it.

If Corbyn and McDonnell get in, the last thing to worry about will be Brexit. We’re well and truly fkd.

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That is a myth. Labours half out proposal will mean all that the country voted for with brexit is not achieved, no UK control of immigration, still paying EU funds, abiding by EU laws & standards, all this with no input into EU policy making. The country will still be divided, probably more so & more polarised than now & we will continue to be the troublesome child of Europe. As the UK is right now, so seriously divided by the referendum, the EU should be aiming for a long arm distance with the UK but bend a little to facilitate a UK with a “deal” that is workable for all - incl the N.Ireland border; the EU needs to wake up to that.
I voted remain BTW


My reply was concerned with you’re concern that we would be recovering from brexit. I was mearly pointing out the economic hit from leaving will be minimised.

It is not a myth, your latest post concerns something else.

In saying that, I agree with your assessment, and I’m quite happy with the situation.

Jeremy Hunt has been positioning himself for several years now. That’s my prediction assuming a Tory government going forwards.

Ah ! that’s your PREDICTION. But who would you like to see take the role of PM ?

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If that floppy haired public school cnut gets in I will seriously think about emigrating to Syria!


After the next General Election i’d like to see most of the Tory and Labour MPs lose their seats, and see a clear overall majority for the new TIGer Party, and with Heidi Allen elected as new Prime Minister.
They will govern the UK with sensible centrist political policies, allow a confirmatory public vote, and with a strong Remain win will continue EU membership with close and friendly ties. [We may all sigh a relief and continue enjoying our EU citizen membership rights].
There will be stability of the UK economy, and the creation of an environmentally friendly nation with enthuses to providing a higher quality of life for all [as opposed to the getting rich quick for the few].


With conforming pubic’s, we should be in good shape :wink: