The Vintage Planes, Trains and Automobiles Picture Show

Perhaps the weather wasn’t suitable for the diversion to Reykjavik and Glasgow was considered to be the better option.

Could have been worse for sure!

Quite incredible that anyone survived that and testament to the flight crew’s handling of the situation.

From memory (which is failing a bit!)….assuming there was no associated severe damage to the failed engine and no other failures, it was considered perfectly acceptable by the CAA and Boeing to continue toward destination. The FAA took a different view and I can’t actually remember what happened in the end, but the manuals were certainly not changed as a result.
The tricky bit was in the fuel management. A fair bit of jiggery pokery to get as much fuel out of the tank associated with the failed engine as possible. There would be a few tons of fuel that would be unusable in any case from that tank.

Gloster Gladiator


Masters Historic racing at Brands yesterday, mainly an opportunity to get to grips with my new R3’s autofocus


Oooh…What do you think of the R3 and what did you come from?

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Well, I’ve only had it for ten days or so, but coming from a 5D3, with battery grip, it’s a revelation. I’m not a pro, and never will be, but I had the opportunity to really spoil myself for a change.

The eye-control for focussing combined with subject-tracking is a game changer. After so little time, I can’t imagine not having it. It’s almost spooky.

The sensor gives much nicer images, straight out of the camera.
The EVF can be set to show how the image will look with the settings you have, including depth of field.

I could go on, but they’re the stand out features for me so far.

This video is a thirty second display of the tracking’s ability:

And this video shows a little more of how it does it: