The Vintage Planes, Trains and Automobiles Picture Show

What plane is that. The twin props make me think Mosquito …

ME410 Hornet? Although in RAF (captured?) markings.


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De Havilland Hornet. Came after the Mosquito.


It’s the LAHC’s Mosquito at Eat Kirkby in Lincolnshire, having an engine run a few months back. Not flying yet and it’s something of a bitsa, however plans to get it flying continue!

Very nice. Its so good that there are enthusiasts about that will take the time to make these things happen.

Don’t get much more vintage than a horse and cart


Not quite vintage but going through some photos and found my first bike., BSA c15 and my favourite car I’ve owned…


The only sort of Audi I’d want to own :slightly_smiling_face:

We had a ride on a horse and cart on the island of Sark in the channel isles. I had to muse at people clambering to sit by the driver……behind the horses backside. Inevitably they got more than they bargained for.


No sh#t ?


C15 must be vintage by now?

It’s 1960 so yes deffo vintage!:rofl: wish I’d kept it but wanted a Honda 550/4 so chopped it in… it went to Japan apparently.

At the National Classic Car show in November I asked the Quattro owners’ club members if my nephews could open and shut the doors just to see what it used to be like. I feel sure that’s the same mechanism as you’d have had on your Audi. We did the same at the Mercedes owners’ club with a 1981 SEL. There was something about the locks and hinges back then that feels like it exceeds what we get today. I don’t know if that’s driven by regulations or cost cutting.

I almost thought about not sharing my lock-obsessive behaviour but then remembered which on-line community this is!


Yeah properly built, I remember the central locking was driven buy a vacuum pump in the boot rather than solenoids and motors so it locked and opened very quietly. It was the 2.2 kv lump so grunty too.

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Nice swap :grinning:

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I had a Honda 750/4 at that time. What great line of bikes. Fast, stable, very dependable. Used to scrape the side pegs fairly regularly …


If you are a Honda bike fan, Harry’s Garage about a year ago had a video with him riding a CBX 1000 with a straight 6 engine. I’m not sure how far over you could lean that!

It brought back memories because I remember a straight 6 something or other, with 6 tailpipes, parked on the street in Douglas IOM during TT practice week in 1977. Not sure if it was a Honda but it was quite something.

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That might have been the Benelli straight 6, 1000cc bike?

It’s possible. My father was more into bikes and as I recall that memory now it does ring a bell that he mentioned it was Italian. It had 3 pipes each side stacked in a fan shape and as I look online at it, yes, the Benelli Sei could well have been it.

There used to be some amazing bikes on the island at that time of year and the other thing that stuck with me was the German registered BMW flat twin touring bikes with panniers, but also a single wheeled trailer like an additional pannier, as they came off the ferry. Perhaps for camping gear.

The TT itself is something else. I’ve never been big into bikes but the impact of the sound, speed and smell of the racing machines when you are so close to them, I found truly shocking. In a good way. I’ve not been to see it since my father passed away suddenly, not long after that visit.

I can confirm you could lean the cbx. My mates brother, who didn’t know where the oil filler cap was on his car engine, was given a cbx 1000 in boxes in lieu of a debt. To give him credit he then rebuilt the bike with the help of my mate ( and later went on to buy a motorbike dealership). It was a superb bike and my one regret is not buying it from him when he sold it.

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