The Vintage Planes, Trains and Automobiles Picture Show

The Audi Coupe evolved quite nicely into this.
I had a Coupe in the eighties and tried to buy one a couple of years ago for nostalgia. Couldn’t find a decent one so settled for this quattro.
Not a daily driver, but used often enough


One of my lottery win cars in my fantasy collection!


Some grand entertainment at Snetterton today :grinning:


So couldn’t find a coupe, and settled for the quattro. Love it, great cars.

Wheel cocker…

And Bright Lights…


Very much not vintage but quite impressed by this Atlas arriving last night…


I live under one of the east>west BZZ light paths and get to see the A400’s (Atlas) overhead on finals at 2/3000ft on a regular basis, as well as the C17’s & A332’s.
The A400’s seem to be using Northolt quite regularly these days, either as in/out on the way to/from BZZ and ‘eastern’ Europe, or making in/out return flights.

PS: @Jamiewednesday
The A400 (ZM404) you photo’d at NHT last evening is now in Bermuda


At the other end of the size scale, a British Bulldog. With a fancy French Fopp.


That reminds me. A friend’s Bulldog should be approaching the end of its restoration about now.

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The stuff I find…

A nice garden ornament!


EE Lightning?

Most of us just take home the odd pen or pencil from work…


I suspect a touch too much of LAN OCD.
EE1’s on every branch of ethernet, daisy chaned EE8’s, now experimenting with an
EE6 on the incoming supply

For those interested, this is EE Lighning XR724, owned & in restoration by the Lightning Association at Binbrook, Market Rasen.

www(.)XR724 has all the info

XR725, I think.

This aircraft is in the garden of Lightning fanatic Charles Ross, in Binbrook village. By prior arrangement, you can have a mooch.

Edit: however it is also looked after by the Lightning Association.

From Google StreetView

You really don’t want to know what’s in my garage :slight_smile:

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I stand corrected, aps & thanks TRL, it is XR725,
XR724 is at the nearby Binbrook Heritage Centre

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Ooh… where?

I see your single piece of historic aviation and raise you…

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No mystique there! Just big collection. :wink:

And Moscow?

Try this

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This always-changing selection is between me and Ipswich

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