The vTuner saga continues…

This morning when I attempted to play Classic FM at the Movies, I received a station unavailable message….

Ah, I thought, vTuner’s changed the location… again. So, search, find , re-add to favourites, but no, finding CFMATM and selecting it brings up Classic FM itself.

Whether this is vTuner or CFM I am past caring, Naim needs to find another way of doing this and move on from vTuner. It’s not Naim’s fault, but they need to ditch this loser.



I have posted onto @Osiris thread of today, because I can’t seem to get any iRadio at all, across several streamers. All working last evening - played RP Mello.
Tried Naim C, Naim J, a couple of RP and a couple of beeb today
Streaming from Q and T no issue, so doesn’t look like it is internet outage as such. Doubtless could be a regional issue, but an early heads up.

Apologies, since it is a bank hols wkend in the uk, but perhaps @Richard.Dane and / or @Stevesky can confirm as to whether they can ascertain V Tuner is out.


One for Naim - @Stevesky ?

Thanks Richard, I wonder why this has happened at (uk) bank hol again - coincidence? Havgdbkwkend!
Best Rich

Same here, IR down.

Same here in Milton Keynes - trying to listen to 1 pm news on R4

Is anybody else experiencing Internet Radio stations refusing to play?


Yes. Glad it’s not just me then. All I can get is Naim radio

Yes, Internet radio down

Yup, looks like VTuner or a server is down
I managed to get Naim Jazz to connect but that took aprx 1 minute
All the RP’s and BBC’s are down, they show ‘connecting’ then after aprx 30secs the station logo appears, but no music

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Aye, me too. Qobuz does work though. But sometimes it has to be the radio.

Yes - seems to be a consistent problem over holidays - they were down over all of Christmas/Boxing Day and at Easter. Deeply frustrating.

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Internet radio is down too in Utrecht (Netherlands)

Yep same here in little old backwater Northampton, UK.

YES also here in Italy

Internet radio down yet again here as well.
Does anyone know whether Naim took any action to change/improve the service levels of the external partner allegedly causing the debacle over last Christmas?

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And, as I expected, because my 222 was left on Classic FM, now I can’t select any other input, only switch it off until vTuner is fixed!

This is absolutely sh1t and needs a firmware update now!

Edit: My mistake, select something else, eg Tidal and play a track and the input switches to Tidal.

But, the above comment stands, a firmware fix is absolutely needed.


PS And as the bowl of petunias thought;

I do wonder about the alacrity with which the “Internet radio down” thread was merged into “the vTuner saga continues” thread. Why not the other way round prior to confirmation that vTuner is at fault?
This may seem a petty detail, but it underlies the problem: it’s not an external party that is at fault (and named in the thread title). The fault is Naim’s for continuing to use it in the face of frequent service failures.


Wow, I hadn’t realised that would happen! I guess I have ignored / avoided all these vTuner issues / threads as I never listen to radio on my 222 - I use Sonos systems for playing radio around the house. That said, its app screwed up my wife’s listening pleasure today, but that’s another story ……