There's 2 version of NAP 140 PSU design?

My NAP140 is a 1992 Olive version. Not long been re-capped by @Darran - and sounding very fine indeed…!!

I think I will get the 1986 version of the NAP 140 with Sanken 2SC2922s … without 2 jumper cables on the PSU … hopefully the quality is good

There’s 2 version of power transistor of NAP 140 :

  1. Naim 001 – SM 3282 / SM 8927
  2. Sanken 2SC2922 – 6N9

Is there a difference in the character of the voice between the two?

Ok, all these things are tuned by a very small number of people at the factory to have the naim sound, and to not digress from that. Any part modifications that are necessary due to availability - which happens regularly - are each reviewed and listened to etc before being signed off and brought into production.

Please dont get bogged down with internal parts.

Decide how much you want to spend in buying the 2nd hand equipment and having them restored to factory fresh condition, then enjoy them for the next few decades.

Also decide if you want chrome bumper, olive, or more current classic style.

Or just buy a nait 2. The unitiqute 2 is also excellent.


I realized that all CB series were years ago produced by Naim.
I am interested because in my opinion this CB series is still purely the interference of Julian Vereker so that the soul and spirit of Naim will be felt / can be felt in this CB series.

Julian was around in the days of olive too…


And Bolt-down


… he signed off the Nap 500 according to Naims product page …


Driving very fast on narrow roads in the countryside with a few amps and IBLs in the trunk of a Jaguar, or cycling in London on a Brompton gives the JV experience too.


And sitting in a racing Mini. A very successful one too. :grin:


I have 2 option of NAP 140 :

NAP 140 Chrome Bumper

NAP 140 Olive

which one better to choose considering the condition of both ?

thank you

I can see differences - both the Transformer and the Output devices.
I assume the lower pic is a much later unit…?
For anything more, I think we need the tech gurus on this …
Over to @Richard.Dane and @NeilS:thinking: :thinking:

I’m not sure what more I can add to what I’ve already posted here. We seem to be going around and around, but not really going anywhere.

Yes, the upper one looks to be an earlier CB NAP140 with the Sanken Output devices and H&F transformer, whereas the lower one looks to be a later Olive NAP140 with the NA001 output devices and a Nuvotem transformer. Performance differences will likely boil down to whether officially serviced recently or not. As to what clues may indicate that just by looking at the pictures, I defer to @NeilS.

Agreed. The OP perhaps just needs to make a decision, here. Toss a coin, if needs be.

If it matters to you that much, buy both, live with them and sell the one you prefer the least. It’s the only way you will know that you’ve made the right decision.


Difficult to tell if the older one has been serviced - yellow tants were used many years ago & again since 2005ish (at a guess). However, someone has been in there & installed the green wires. Naim wouldn’t have done it like that & we would have sleeved the IEC inlet & switch.
The newer one looks untouched & original.
It’s down to a matter of personal taste really - do you want CB or olive?


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I had a 1989 olive 140,
And it used the sanken output devices.
I kept it for 9yrs until i upgraded to a 250

I have got the point and choose CB version of NAP140 (using H&F Toroid)

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