There's 2 version of NAP 140 PSU design?


I saw the NAP 140 there are 2 design versions of the Power Supply, where:

Version 1 :
has 2 cables which are soldered vertically to the PSU PCB as shown below:

And there is also a version 2 :
without 2 wires vertically soldered to the PSU PCB:

Is that so?
What sets it apart? and which one is better?

thank you

They are still there on the bottom version. They have black sleeves near the termination.

The top one looks like a prototype or possibly bolt down version. The bottom one looks like the actual production version. Maybe one of the Naim employee members can confirm.

There’s another version of NAp 140 CB that use Sanken Transistor but not Naim labeled transistor like picture above

The top one is is a Chrome Bumper version, possibly an early 110 converted to a 140. The bottom is an Olive version. My particular CB 140 uses the Sankens which were replaced by the Naim labelled transistors in the later models. @Richard.Dane should be able to provide more info.

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yes, Sanken is usually on the chrome bumper unit

Bit more info in this thread here -

The sticker on the top one says “NAP 110” too, for whatever that’s worth :slight_smile:

It said NAP110 on NAP140s too :slightly_smiling_face:

Heh, fair enough X)

There is an additional 0v cable to each PCB’s on the Naim transistor version. The NAP110 boards have the connectors on the PCB’s but are not used.

Top looks like a NAP110 converted to NAP140 (will have NA002 output devices). The bottom one, a later NAP140 (will have NA001 output devices).

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Yes, the upper amp is origin Nap 110 as paper label on trafo say.

Nap 140 had Nuvotem psu trafos from around mid-90’ies.
Earlier were Holden & Fisher trafo, as most other Naim amps up to that period.

So in terms of quality, is it the same between Naim NAP 140 which uses non Sanken transistors with the Naim logo vs those using Sanken?
More recent era using Sanken?

No, the first NAP140s from 1986 used Sanken 2SC2922s. Then in 1990 the NAP140 was upgraded with Naim’s own NA001s.

The NAP110 started out with BDY56s, changed to Naim NA002s in 1982. Any NAP110s upgraded with the NAP140 power supply keep their original amp boards and output devices.



between Sanken SC2922S vs Naim 001s Transistors, is there any difference in sound quality? is there a difference in the character of the voice?
is there any influence from the bass depth between the two?

I’ve never compared them directly so couldn’t say.

For what’s is worth here is my 140 olive built 1997?

The extra green earth wires were added when the design changed to NA001 devices, they help to keep the noise floor within acceptable levels.
The rubber sleeves in the top picture in the OP hide decoupling caps that you can see are fitted to the component side of the newer up-issued PCB revisions.



In terms of noise isolation, which 140 design is better with the Naim Transistor 001s or with the Sanken 2SC2922s?

On the bench, the output noise is very similar (within a few microvolts). Not something which would be perceivable to the ear.


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