Things I’ve done in the last 24 hours

UK is fairly consistent in some regards :worried:


Went to the RAH on Sunday to see Zucchero, with my wife, son and his girlfriend. we had seats in the front row, OMG, how I managed that I don’t know, super concert. And we had a nice meal at Pierinos in South Ken prior, I realised that we have been using it for 30 years now, ouch.

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Another bloody job :confused:

This means the headgasket on my Granada has failed. CO is present in the coolant.


‘Senza una Donna’ was such a big hit when I stayed in Bologna. Takes me back there.


I thought you were on the wrong thread and brewing wine🥺


He did that one with Jack Savoretti, just such a good show.

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Not the Cosworth you got fixed?

No, that’s still in progress. Just waiting on a piece of 44mm bar to make a bearing installation tool - sadly it’s a 55mm bar that has arrived today so back on to the seller. :expressionless:

I can’t fit the auxilliary shaft or distributor until this bearing is fitted so it holding things up. At least I’ve got another engine to take apart to keep me busy :slight_smile:


Had my Meningitis vax this morning in readiness for a possible (mustn’t be too optimistic) cochlea implant.

My upper arm is really sore now like ive been jabbed by Mike Tyson! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did a traverse of Cadir Idris with my 11 year old son and two friends, plus flew a kite on the beach.


Demonstrated dowsing to my neighbour.
I know some may have doubts, he probably did. He works in construction, is currently excavating his front garden for a car hardstanding. He is thorough and has not been able to find mains services. Having been in our house 40 plus years we know where ours are, but at some time the neighbours had an external meter box fitted which moves things from one side of the house to the other.
Two pieces of a wire coat hanger and I found two apparent routes, then a third.
I then got him to try, he got the same places and was able to track the water pipe.
What confuses me is that the third route that I found is without doubt the Sky connection, which is disconnected and I thought, fibre to premises…


Swam for forty lengths ( a kilometre) and had two painkillers :pill:

Life is getting better


Good to hear. :+1:

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My farmer neighbour located my mains stop tap in the hedge row with his metal dowsers. Up until then I thought it was a load of old tosh.

Made my own set with handles isolated in plastic tubes to allow free movement and no physical influence.

Quite an amazing experience.


If and when you approach decision time and in the period after while you adapt to it, you might be interested in the “hearingtracker” forum. It runs on the same platform as the Naim forum so navigating it is familiar, but it’s all about hearing loss, hearing aids and cochlear implants. It’s a global forum but with many of the members in the US. However there are quite a few UK members too.


Thanks David, I shall take a look.

The decision is pretty much made really given that I can’t hear anything at all so I’m just hoping that they are able to go ahead.

A friend of my missus has had a cochlear implant with great success. However I have to cautious and not have high expectations. Every silver lining has a cloud as they say…

Found a bag of old ‘sherbert lemons’* in the cupboard last night when I had the munchies and thought they’d be good to suck on with a rotten post-viral cough.

Proceeded to consume far too many, crunched one too hard and am suffering with pain/sensitivity in a few of my molars today. Just hope I haven’t cracked something (normally olives or dates when I do that!).

…* I’m sure they were sherbert not sherbet lemons when I was a kid???

Nah, always sherbet lemons. I’m addicted to them! Nearly choked on one when I was young, and had at least one broken tooth in later years.

It’s always been sherbet. Maybe you wasn’t taught proper.

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Probably not. A bit like morals, we couldn’t afford them :grinning:

It must be a conspiracy and we in Wales were probably sold ‘sherbert dips’ to make us look a bit twp to those across the border :wink:

Far more likely of course is that we rarely if ever needed to put ‘sherbet’ on paper and adopted the local phonetic version!