Thinking of switching out my HDX for an NDX2

I’m thinking of switching out my HDX (2x500Gb) for an NDX2. I have copied all of the files from the MQ (WAV) folder on my HDX tp my NAS. Format is pretty simple:
Will the NDX2 read the data correctly off my Synology DS218 server?

Use the HDX to convert the files to FLAC. Otherwise a non-Naim server won’t access the metadata and you’ll be left with only a basic folder view.
The conversion will take a bit of time. I would suggest that you do it in batches, perhaps one genre at a time. One small bonus with FLAC is that the files will be smaller, and when you come to transfer them it will be a little quicker.

The alternative, given that you have already created a copy of the WAVs, is to use SongKong to process them so that the metadata is usable with a non-Naim server.

I’d be happy with the basic folder view (the NDX2 cant go out and search the databases like the old HDX could?)

The SongKong route sounds like a possibility. I looked at their website, unfortunately, I could figure out what is does or how it does it from their descriptions (I’m in my 70s, old school, not a neophyte but a little out of my depth at this level).

The NDX2 isn’t a new HDX. It’s the UnitiCore that is the new HDX.

The NDX2 is a streamer, whereas the HDX was a server. You will need to put upnp server software on your NAS if you want to serve it to a streamer like NDX or NDX2.

Get the HDX to convert WAV to flac, then get it to back up the flacs to the NAS. Load a upnp server such as Asset on the NAS and you are good to go. It’s far, far easier to do that than to try to sort out the files later. Lots of us have been through this, and it really is the best way. Make sure you back up the NAS regularly, to another NAS or to portable hard drives.

OK, thanks all. Teh HDX user manual is pretty worthless. Can’t find anything that covers converting WAV to FLAC (only MP3). Any recommendations?

If you think that’s bad, wait til you get an NDX2!

To transcode your WAVs to FLAC is easy, if you use a Mac you can do it in N-Serve. On a PC it will be via the Desktop Client, but I don’t use it so I’m not sure where exactly.

I think you can do the conversion directly from the front touchscreen.

It may take a while to complete, but any future rips will be saved in the new format.

For those who prefer the sound of WAV files, the HDX can also be set to transcode, back to WAV, the files served to your streamer, during playback, something the Core can’t do.

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If you have n-Serve installed on a computer (Mac) you go into “Maintenance” and “Encoder Settings” then “Ripped CD Encoding”. Double click on that and select FLAC rather than WAV.
That will begin the re-encoding process, slowly changing your WAV files to FLAC, including the correct tagging. It takes quite some time, depending on the size of the music collection.
It may be possible to do something similar on the iPad / phone version but I can’t find it, if it can be done…
EDIT: It can be started from the front screen as per the post above!

Similarly, I can’t find anywhere on the HDX itself to start the process.
If you don’t have a Mac with n-Serve, maybe ask a friend to start the n-Serve process? Once started, don’t power down the HDX but I believe the Mac can be removed safely once the process is started.

Thanks. I converted all of teh WAV files to MP3 and these are stored on the HDX in addition to the Wav files (LQ folder and MQ folder). Is there any way to convert the WAV files on the HDX to FLAC files on my NAS, thereby preserving the current HDX setup?

I have n-Serve on an iphone and an ipad, and DTC on my Windows PC.

Yes, as per my above post: “If you have n-Serve installed on a computer (Mac) you go into “Maintenance” and “Encoder Settings” then “Ripped CD Encoding”. Double click on that and select FLAC rather than WAV.
That will begin the re-encoding process, slowly changing your WAV files to FLAC, including the correct tagging.”

The mp3’s will remain in the LQ folder and the FLAC files will replace the WAV ones in the MQ folder.
You can then copy all the FLAC files to the NAS, then reverse the process on the HDX to convert the FLAC files back to WAV on the HDX.

I must stress that it can take days for the conversion process, so don’t rush it.

Ah, OK, thanks! Anybody know if the transcoding and back-transcoding will be “bit-perfect”?

It totally is bit perfect.

I originally had my HDX set to WAV. I then tried it having converted to FLAC but felt it lost something, so I changed it back to WAV.
Later, when I heard that the HDX could “transcode on the fly”, effectively converting the FLAC to WAV as it played the files, I tried again, using that setting.
I then couldn’t hear any difference between the WAV and FLAC converted as they were playing
I’d say bit-perfect.

There is a difference between converting and transcoding. In the first, you change the WAV files into flac. With the latter, you take the flac files and change them into WAV just when you play them. The files themselves remain flac. A flac transcoded to WAV sounds just the same as playing a WAV file in its native format. Once you covert the WAV files on your HDX to flac, the WAVs have gone. But, as these are both lossless formats, you can subsequently convert the WAVs to flacs, not that you’d want to.

@dave-marshall “Note: File format conversions can be managed on a file by file basis with the DTC (or n-Serve for OS X applications”

I wanted to try this on one file before committing but I’ve hunted through the DTC menus and can’t see anywhere to do this(?)


I’ve had a hunt through the menus and can’t see how to do the conversion on a file by file basis either.

It’s always been my understanding that once an alternative format is selected, the HDX will immediately begin converting all the files on the hard drive.

You might try asking the experts at Naim, though I’m not sure how much support is still available for older kit such as the HDX.

Thanks. Unfortunately, I’m in the US. No experts on NAIM over here, and based upon my limited interactions with NAIM in the UK, not much help there, either.

I can tell you how to do it on a Mac, but I’m afraid I don’t have a PC so not sure about the DTC.
In N-Serve for OSX you just ctrl-click (the equivalent of R click on a PC) on an individual album, genre, or any other category, and select Encode to FLAC from the dropdown list that appears. I’m guessing there will be a way to do this in the Windows DTC too. I don’t think it’s possible on the HDX front panel screen.