This could only happen to me... Super Lumina upgrade path

I am enjoying an NDX 2/XPS DR > NAC252/SuperCap DR > NAP 250 DR set-up.

My speakers are Graham Audio LS5/9 BBC Monitors.

Suddenly, I have the opportunity to buy:
(i) a Super Lumina 5pin DIN to 5pin DIN interconnect
(ii) a Super Lumina 4pin DIN to XLR interconnect
(iii) a Super Lumina Speaker Cable (5m pair)
(iv) a Super Lumina Speaker Cable (3m pair)

What should I buy?

Thank you in advance.

Whichever you feel sounds worth the money after hearing.


You can only fund one purchase, I take it?

The prices are very nice, so I can afford to purchase one, two or three Super Lunina. Cheers!

If only one is possible I would buy the source to preamp super lumina

I would try my best to buy the full loom it’s worth it

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I would trade in the 250DR for a 300DR. Seriously.


Oh no another comment my wallet wish I had unseen😅

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DIN DIN first. It’s a wonderful upgrade! :blush: I also had DIN XLR but thought my Morgana sounded more together so I sold SL.

Never heard SL speaker cables but will at some point get a pair and evaluate.


I would listen to Vertere Redline cables to compare.



Vertere speaker cables are excellent. I’ve had Pulse X mini, and if I didn’t need 2 x 5.50 mt. I’d still have some now.

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I would not spend money on expensive wire.

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DIN to DIN first on the NDX2, followed by the speaker cable (get the length you will likely need long term). Then the DIN to XLR for the 250, but possibly hold on this if you are looking at moving up to a NAP300, as you would use the mono pair rather than the single stereo version for the 250 (though I use a pair of stereo ones on my 300).


In that case buy the first two.

Speaker cables ideally should be the same length, so this may help you to sway your decision.



The Super Lumina ‘full loom’ certainly sounds terrific…… if, of course, you like it - I did, but then that’s just me.

If you can try before you buy, I doubt they’ll be going back though…. if you like the sound :grinning:.


And you could always upgrade to a 300 as well :innocent:.


Trade xpsdr for 555dr. What i did. Added more than i was expecting.


Given the suggestions for alternatives to expensive cables, I’d max out the speakers long before considering that sort of money on wire, and only do that when everything else is at the best I see myself ever going


It can be a very cost-effective upgrade rather than a whole black box… generally if you start an upgrade chain you end up changing many parts of a system to ‘get the most of X’ it can get very costly eg NC200 to NC300 or to 500. Upgrading cables enables people to get the very best out of what they have already, and generally without upsetting the overall balance of a system. I decided to stay with 222/300/250 as I got the extra I wanted by moving to Vertere redline Ics and speaker cables at less than 1/5 the cost of changing the 222 to a 333/332.


Just looking at the cable route.

I went Super Lumina and these were the benefits in order of sound quality.

1st - Super Lumina Speaker Cable
2nd - Super Lumina Din - Din
3rd - Super Lumina XLR

Some say the XLR only comes into it’s own when all the other cables are Super Lumina but I found they had very little impact in the sound quality and I would consider these as a low priority.

Had to go to Vertere for the speaker jumper cables as Super Lumina jumpers are so expensive.


That may be your view (which you are, in my view, fully entitled to hold) - and your choice. But its not mine.

The problem I have is when the cost of the ‘bits or wire’ starts to approach (or add up to) the costs of a different black box. So, a £200 lead (*) I could live with, but a £1000 (**) lead I could not.

Its an individual choice - and YMMV.

(* - I admit to owning a number of Naim Black SNAIC’s which are £199-00 at present, new.)

(** - thats a pre-loved Supercap, for me.)