This is a BLACK Day - Right Channel dead - Beloved Olives

The pots/motors are still available - he may be referring to the logic circuits in general (the ones that control all the switching, pot drive, illumination etc.) because they are a real pig to troubleshoot & repair!
Can still be done though. :+1:




There might be a Bit downside with the 52.
It has been stored for approximativ 1,5 years.
I think it will Need a massive run in/burn in Period.
Hoping that Storage had Not done any bad effects. :slight_smile:
There he is again - mr. Glass half empty…
Now positive and looking forward:)

Just give the volume & balance knobs a good few rotations from end to end before setting it up, I’m sure a couple of years storage won’t have too many bad effects.
Unless it was stored somewhere silly, like under water.
Only joking! :smile:

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Thanks so much
Fine advice- moving Parts … There are Not so many of Thema in a preamp :slight_smile:
Rotation End to end - will do it by Hand First. After that via Motor :slight_smile:

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Hi Neil

What’s the software update for Flash compatibility?


Sorry - one more question coming up.
Should I also go for the „matching“ supercap from the seller. It is from the same year. Matching serials.
Not for matching green, but for technical reasons. Is it necessary to keep the pairs together?
My supercap was recapped in 2018 - another supercap in 2020. the 2018 one is from 1995 like my dead 52.

PS: I will try it in a separate thread - did not find a matching thread. Maybe it is interesting for others as well :slight_smile:


It just allows scrolling through the inputs with the up and down keys. The flash will still work otherwise, as long as the 52 is an RC5 version.


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When this is the topic from my remote not working with the 52, it refers to the R-com. My R-com does not work with input skipping.

Now I do have a real nerdy question … I know that this is one of my best :slight_smile:

@NeilS and @all
Does it harm the NAC52 when it is in transit from warm Italy via plane to Germany. I do not know what is the temperature in a freight room of the plane, but I think it will not be freezing.

Can answer it myself. If this will do any harm, naim components are limited to a very very small distribution radius. :slight_smile:

The main issue you need to avoid at all costs is when you get a very cold piece of equipment delivered into a warm house. This can encourage condensation inside with potentially calamitous results. You should allow it to reach room temperature before plugging in and switching on. It’s mostly an issue during winter though.


THANKS - I have dealt with it in the past.
I remember very good, how long the time gets, when the new piece of equipment is in its temp. adaptation period :slight_smile:

As the front of the new 52 is abut dirty (seen on pix) I want to clean it first.
I always do that when new items arrive. Cleaning from outside is easy.

I really would like to give a look inside. From my lost screw situation last year I know how to open it.
Any suggestions, on what tend inside cleaning - aka removing dust is possible anyway.
Maybe I should let it closed….

The temperature in the hold of a plane can be very low at high altitude, potentially well below freezing. Holds can be heated, but this uses a fair amount of energy. How commercial airlines handle this issue I wouldn’t know.
If in doubt I would suggest that you get some silica gel and put it with the amp inside a plastic bag for a day or two before you power it up. Perhaps this is slightly paranoid behaviour, but they don’t make NAC52s any more!


This is a bit paranoid- even for me I think … :slight_smile: Nevertheless - THANKS a lot - orders some silica pads
I could open it up (for cleaning) and look if there is humidity inside.
Or let it adapt a day at our currently warm temperatures

I know, how it is like in winter. Ordered my BluRay Player in January - it has been in transit over the weekend and was ice cold when it arrived - this has frightened me a bit.
I gave him a few our and as it was room temperature from outside…

I just saw on the Service Sheet of the new 52, that 4 optocoupler had been replaced.
I assume that this is Not part of re-capping. But even it has been a repair (something with Remote?) There Should be no Problem as the Service Point is Naim certified :grin:

Those 4 opto couplers decouple the logic switching from the front panel. A certain brand of these we used for a while turned out to be unreliable, so we routinely replace them if they are that particular type.

Nothing to worry about.



It looks all too perfect…

The 52 arrived in a perfect optical condition.
I noticed immediately that the volume knob has a bit play on the sides (left-right / above-down). When switched on it became present.
There is a bad cracking noise when volume goes up - I think the gearing of the motor is damaged.

What to do now ??? :frowning:

Furthermore I noticed the volume knob is faster. One push on the remote is a bigger step in volume than my older 52. My 1995 52 is slower in volume up and down and when pushed longer getting faster. The new one is always fast. This is bad as the volume steps are big.
Can this be correct?

Thanks for a reply - have to re-plan again.

had a phone call with naim … it is the gearing of the motor. ALPs Pot.
Are those naim selected parts?
Now I have 2 damaged 52 … What a pity… :frowning:

This is not good news!
So the cracking noise is coming from the unit itself, rather than through the speakers?
Does the balance knob also run too fast, or does that one start off slow & accelerate as it should?


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