This is a BLACK Day - Right Channel dead - Beloved Olives

Hi Neil… THANKS!

very bad news - must have happened within transit.
The cracking is only when volume up - it is not within the speakers. Definitely from the motor!
Had it open (never saw a cleaner unit before) and the whole Pots 8 board is a bit loose, when you move the volume knob a bit.
It must be the gearing inside - sounds like that.

It is NOT starting slow and getting faster when pushed longer on remote! This bother me a lot.

It is the same for the balance POT - not starting slow start and getting faster afterwards.
I do not think that this has something to dot with the cracking.

Is it standard - even with 1999/2000 unit - that it starts slow and gets faster afterwards?
What kind of logic is doing this slow start/faster volume control - could this be fixed or is this the “remote programming inside…”
Naim service told me some time ago, that the programmed logic for remote is the most complicated to repair - or it is hard to get.

THANKS for your answers in advance.

And what is really bad - IT sounds too good. Really PERFECT! Would be a pity to return!

naim germany has also a big queue and I have to wait a long time…
I assume that the ALPs Poti is one of the naim selected parts, correct?
So I have to wait anyway - or return to sender, which is possible. But I really would love to have it!

Can anyone else with a 52 confirm, that volume starts slow and gets faster when pushed longer.
When in “Slow mode” the volume can be dosed really good.
When starting fast (like the 2000 52) it is nearly impossible to change volume via remote - tested with phono. With CD I think it is “on/off” :frowning:

Yep, my 52 volume starts slowly and then speeds up.


From which year is yours?

Not sure, it’s a factory POTS8 though.

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Must be later than end of 1997.
If this slow-start/speed-up is standard, then something else has been damaged.

Is it allowed here to post a link to a dropbox video? I made one from the dilemma

It does sound like transit damage - was it packed in its original box?
The acceleration of the pot speed is controlled on the pots PCB itself & a 2000 model would definitely have that feature. So that sounds like a fault (which may have gone unnoticed by the previous owner). A fault which is certainly fixable.
The pots in these were not selected & are still available.



Here is a video
Video Pots

PLease tell me - if it is not allowed to post

Could the PCB also be damaged during transport - all is possible… but I think this is unlikely.
No chance, that this has something to do with the optocouplers - they had been replaced.
Is the PCB board one piece, which need to be replaced.
I should ask naim Germany, if they do have these part … hopefully they do …

Having watched the video, I’m not so sure about transit damage now - the pot is running “true”. I would expect some degree of excentric rotation if it had taken a knock.
I think it’s just a bad motor/gearbox.
The two nuts that secure the pots to the pot plate are loose, hence the wobbling.
The two step motor speed is definitely not working though.
All the faults would be addressed by replacing the pot PCB assembly, something that I’m sure Naim Germany would be willing to do.



Is the PCB a standard part or a rare one?
If rare - naim germany have to order them - making it a long ride again.
I have to decide, whether to go for repair or return… too bad, that it is holiday season… :frowning:
Is it still the same as the ones originally given to the 52?

Yes, they are the original POTS8 that were fitted to the latest models of 52 & we still manufacture them.
The only difference is the balance pot has a different shaft, so they are modified to suit the 52/82 knobs.



Understand - this is a POTS8 board - the one on top?
I have one in my (one channel 52) - if all went bad - I can remove it.
But if it is Pots8 board - like from the POTs 8 update. naim Germany has done this in the past.
So there is Chance, that they do have some boards in stock!
ONCE again - you made my Day… how can I ever repay this…

That’s right - the repair would effectively be a POTS8 update.


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NEIL - you are the very BEST!

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Will call naim tomorrow …
Hopefully it can be fixed soon. If so - I do have a perfect 52… finally :slight_smile:
The only downfall is the price - Pots8 update is a bit expensive.
Have to tell the seller and find a solution. When the diagnosis is done, it also can be in his interest to fix it.
With the seller I had very much luck! It is a real nice guy, who helped very much and is really interested that all will be fine.
At the end - not so bad at all… glass is half full again … thanks to Neil!

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Good news everyone (in best Futurama mood :)).
Naim Germany has all parts can do it - Pots8 repair is coming soon… crossing fingers!


Small Update:
Brought both the older one (one channel dead) as well as the newer with dead Pots8 to repair.
Have not heared anything yet. Only 3 working days since I brought it - how should it be otherwise?
But time gets longer… (sorry - childish behavior :))… crossing fingers that both come pout with good health and its is hard for me to decide which one to keep :slight_smile:

Found a third one on a german platform… NOOO - will not do anything !!! :rofl:

At the end, everything will be good, and if not… its not the end…

The Muso2 (listening to it currently) makes it easier to wait - it is sooo good!

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Drago, can’t you convince Naim to release a streamer / dac board in the size of the NA523 cards?

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LOL - yes, this would be perfect. But why me? I am not in the range of being any kind of influencer. I am really proud, that I know the term influencer - but that’s it :rofl: )