Thread drift and thanks to Nigel

Thank you to @NigelB for a very useful thread, helping those considering a 300 series purchase to benefit from the thoughts of those who have heard the range.

I share his frustration with the thread drift. I appreciate that this is not uncommon with social media but I will miss the helpful information the thread provided me with.


The Naim forum will be prone to thread drift as we often speak to each other and pick up on comments . It’s not like Facebook where there is a lead comment and people reply on that comment .

It’s like any other conversation , with "how on earth did we end up talking about this ? "


Indeed, and evidently there just weren’t all that many people with anything to say that was actually on topic so inevitably the conversation goes in a different direction.


The thread is closed, not removed, so all info is still there to view.

Thread drift inevitably occurs because we are humans, and if as part of their post something is mentioned that is not a direct part of the subject (which almost inevitable) then it quite naturally can trigger a discussion on that, just as when sitting with friends in a pub, or anywhere else. In effect threads are conversations that anyone can join, and like real life conversations when there is a larger group of people there can sometimes be multiple side themes being discussed, while some or all people may return to the original topic if someone recalls something they had to contribute, or if someone else joins in. Just the same in threads, where side discussions may continue until done, or until some other topic takes over, which of course could be the original theme if anyone with more to say on it.

That is the richness of an online forum, where the group can be very large and disparate, linked soley by one common interest - though of course it can be frustrating to the OP when wanting to explore a particular subject in more detail. But loss of the main theme, rather than side discussions being alongside its continuation, may simply mean that no-one has anything more to contribute on the thread topic.

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Free beers in the Grand Cafe.

The place for banter.

The place where offtopic is ontopic.


I’ve been guilty a couple of times, but nowhere as much as my wife when in company. I wait for a gap the conversation to put a point forward, and before I know it, the conversation has moved on. I’ve no-idea how this is done.

You could always start a new thread.


Ditto, without being rude and interrupting someone else speaking. And the longer the wait the more what I have to say seems like a random throwback - that or when the chance eventually comes and I start speaking only to find I’ve forgotten what i was going to say!

Forum threads are so much easier! And going back to the original theme is never out of place.

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To be fair there is always some thread drift, which is to be expected but do feel for Nigel in that the drift was particularly bad on occasions and try as he might to get it back on the subject, people just kept on ignoring him.
None of us can ever say we are not guilty , but there are limits and I don’t blame him at all for calling a halt to what started out as an informative and interesting thread.


Fair point @Richard.Dane but I doubt I’d be any more successful than Nigel in terms of the thread staying on topic.

If someone has actual and substantial 300 series listening results to post and comment on, they could always ask Richard to re-open the closed thread. Whether he agreed might depend on whether he sees the person as well behaved or not!

It was only closed at the specific request of the OP (Nigel).

Probably best for anyone who wishes to post their views having listened to the 300 series to start a fresh thread.


I accept some thread drift is inevitable in a diverse and active forum, and I am as guilty as anyone.

However on this occasion there had been a couple of NC threads that had descended into rubbish due to excessive drift and it was suggested that someone open a thread specifically to capture actual NC300 series listening experiences. As I had just attended an excellent NC 300 series dealer demo at The Audiobarn, I duly obliged.

The thread was slow to start with due to the newness (and hence lack of experience) of the 300 series. However it soon picked up but then tailed off (presumably due to exhausting 300 listening experiences) and drift ensued. I tried politely to get things back on track to no avail, so the best thing was to close the thread rather than see it descend in to nonsense.

There were some who were about to acquire NC300 kit so maybe one of them can open a new 300 thread when more listening experiences abound.


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