Thunderstorm - power up issue

Powered the system down this afternoon as Greater Manchester was the centre of a fair old storm.

Powered up and all seemed well. At least everything powered back up.

Sat down to listen tonight and my Innuos initially couldn’t access Tidal as the Vonets wireless bridge wasn’t connecting to my wi-fi. Some of you may remember this thread.

So, the Vonets powers up fine. All lit up and flashing away annoyingly in blue and green but no Tidal. Did a hard reboot using the nasty little switch on the side and now Innuos Sense can’t even see the Zenith.

Used Fing and it could see the Vonets as a device and the Zenith… Used the IP address to login to the device page and… now what? Any clues?

Fing can no longer see either device as active but the Vonets appears on my iPad as a hot spot which I clearly don’t want. Within the Vonets page it’s describing itself as a bridge_repeater which I don’t recall being the correct option.

Latest reboot has left it flashing away but I can no longer access the login page. So, no Zenith, no wireless bridge, no bridge login but the Vonets still shows up as a wi-if network. Doing it head in now.

Help please.

Networked devices take different times to reboot so you may end up with ‘confused’ devices.

I’d start with rebooting your ISP as this provides DHCP for the rest of your network devices; give it time to come up properly (test WiFi with your phone).

Then reboot your server devices followed by your streamer device.

I never bother powering off for thunder storms. In the very unlikely event of my house being struck by lightning some hifi boxes aren’t that high priority. Only saw some black clouds today and a bit of a rumble.

A reboot of the router has done zilch unfortunately. The bridge is still looking very much alive but both it and the Zenith are unavailable except the bridge thinks it’s a wi-fi hot spot and still shows up thus on my iPad. Just rebooted the Zenith but nothing has changed.

Have you check your post-reboot phone/pad is working ok with WiFi? This at least will confirm the router is working ok.

Are all your devices using DHCP i.e not set to a static IP?

Yes all other devices are great. All using DHCP.

It looks like your non working networked devices (I’m not familiar with them so can’t be specific) have not picked up an IP. If another reboot of these devices doesn’t work then I can only suggest a factory reset. :slightly_frowning_face:

Is there a manufacturer’s forum available?

Nope. No forums for Innuos or Vonets to the best of my knowledge.

The strange thing with this is that on reboot the Zenith was controllable from my iPad but Tidal within the Innuos Zenith Sense app was showing as offline. Disconnecting ethernet and power has since taken both offline. So the Innuos was picking up an IP. I don’t know how as it’s only connected to the home network via the bridge. That suggests that initially the Zenith and the bridge were fine but only the connection to Tidal via the Sense app was broken. Now it’s all broken.

I believe DHCP request should pass through the bridge so maybe that is the problem. Unless somebody who is familiar with this bridge pops along with expert knowledge I’d reset this.

Would it need to be a direct hit? This may be hypothetical in your case but what if it hit your neighbour’s house? My 155 was destroyed when the power came back on after a powercut. It didn’t occur to me to turn it off.

It’s not the storm that done anything here I think. The nearest hit was at least a mile away.

I think something in the power down/up sequence has screwed something.

The thing is that I got into the wireless bridge login and appear to have accidentally set it up as a hot spot. As per earlier posts last time I got in it was showing itself ass bridge plus repeater but now I can’t get in at all. Hard resets aren’t working as far as I can tell either. Gave rebooted router; unplugged ethernet cable between Zenith and bridge; powered down both the bridge and the Zenith and… still nothing.

Had similar ish issues on initial set up which were sorted by @trickydickie but this is bewildering me at present.

If the house has been struck by lightning and is on fire my main concern would be my cars. How would powering off the HiFi help?

I was queerying whether a close strike which didn’t damage your property might still have the potential to cause some form of power surge.

Would have taken out more of the system than a cheap wireless bridge surely?

In any event it must have been working post reboot else I’d have not seen it on the network and been able to play music off the server. The issue arose when I noticed the server software app was saying Tidal was offline. I logged into the bridge via its then working IP address and seem to have screwed something up from there whereby I accidentally set it up as a hot spot (which still shows on my iPad and now can’t log back into the Vonets page by using it’s IP address to fix it.

What are the chances of this happening though? A minor surge may take the internal fuse out and if it’s that bad then then there are other things to worry about.

Plus I’m insured.

Have given up for the night. Now a slip of the finger when fired and frustrated has removed the wireless bridge from visibility on the network (even though my iPad still shows it as a hot spot).

The only thing I can think of right now is to buy a new one.

That is indeed my understanding as to the main reason for the advice to unplug (not just turn off), and connections to any external cable (telephone/internet assuming not optical), not just mains. I don’t know how close - I don’t know for a fact but I suspect that anywhere your side of the substation supplying your electricity could result in sufficient voltage spike to cause damage to sensitive electronics, jumping switch contacts on the way.

I shan’t be taking any chances. I don’t have a sophisticated network so it’s not a problem powering it down for the night.

Lightning can quite easily enter your property indirectly, and this is more common than a direct strike to the top of your house. Any conductive material such as metal pipes or cables can carry the current into your house, including mains power cables, copper phone/internet cables, TV aerial cables etc. The fact that these cables tend to be connected to vulnerable electrical equipment obviously doesn’t help, and due to the very high current in a lightning strike it’s best to disconnect them by unplugging. Switches and surge protectors generally do not have a large enough gap, so the current will simply arc across it.
There have been cases of lightning damage caused by strikes hitting the ground up to a mile away from the affected property, especially if the ground is wet, and the current finds its way through the ground and into buried metalwork.


Don’t suppose anyone with technical knowledge could offer some actual technical help.

Do you have a long ethernet cable to temporarily use so that you can eliminate the bridge?

I’ve Google’d Vonets Bridge and there are some support documents if you weren’t aware.