TIDAL App Issues


My ND5 XS2 shows in the Tidal app as a Chromecast device. Maybe make sure you haven’t disabled the Chromecast input in the Naim app?

How do I enable Chromecast in the naim app? I have Mu-So Gen 1 and a 272

Ah, you didn’t mention in your opening post what Naim devices you had. I don’t think either of them have Chromecast built in.

Ah. Might not get Tidal Connect either, see quote below, I don’t know if that means Connect is for “new platform” only.

“Also to put legacy streamer customers minds at rest, we are doing updates on the Naim native solution to ensure it has as many new TIDAL features as possible and the products are using the very latest API’s exposed by TIDAL.”

And for what it’s worth I just checked the Naim app and unlike Spotify, Airplay etc which can be disabled in the app there’s no such option for the Chromecast built in.

There is for me, NDX2

How odd, I wonder why it isn’t there for the ND5 XS2.

Hmmm. In my Input Settings, on Android, it is:

Bluetooth >
Airplay >
Chromecast built-in >
Spotify >
Servers >

And tapping Chromecast, there is a checkbox to enable/disable it

Android here as well but all I see on the Chromecast input is this, nothing to disable the input

I can check, but I suspect it’s due to the ND5 XS2’s lack of input button - everything is done via the App.

Looks completely different here on NDX2 :slight_smile: I also don’t understand why you see the IP Address and Timezone and Share Usage Data at the same time, these are not Chromecast settings.

Here is mine after tapping Settings > Input Settings > Chromecast built-in:

Is your app up to date? Should be 2.21.0 in Settings > About.

Same as I have

Maybe it is like Clare wrote, but IMHO it is odd that non-Chromecast settings are leaking through in the user interface.

As an NDX2 user, I appreciate the option to make space in the app for inputs that I am actually using (and avoiding a second page of inputs). IIRC this was a frequently requested feature that I suppose would be just as valuable when using the app with an ND5XS2 :slight_smile:

So I’m assuming this is a bug in the app as far as ND5 XS2 users are concerned?

That’s one for Clare :slight_smile:

I’ll pass it onto the App team. I do know they’re working on a number of minor bug fixes right now, for an interim release - this may well be one of them.

It’s not a bug. The Chromecast licensing deal requires it to be there if the user has accepted Google’s terms and conditions during setup of the Naim unit and not there if the user hasn’t.

So it can’t be deleted like the other inputs and it won’t be there as an input if the Google ToCs were declined.

The fix is to do a factory reset of the Naim unit and accept the conditions this time! It’s the same for ND5 XS2 and NDX2 (and all the other new platform streamers too).



Interesting. This is of course impossible to understand from what it looks like and should be explained in the UI. (ideally also already during setup, I would hate having to do a factory reset because of this)

The apparent leaking through of other settings seems a bug in any case