Tidal Connect

Well - The Update is there for my 555. Downloading as I type.

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Ah, you are one of the first -the firmware update is rolling out over the next few hours. We’ll be putting up all the details @3pm, FYI. Any questions in the meantime, just ask.


Thanks Clare. Is it just for the classic streamers today? My Atom did not have the update available.

It’s being rolled out today for
Uniti Atom, Uniti Atom Headphone Edition, Uniti Star, Uniti Nova, ND5 XS 2, NDX 2, ND 555.

As mentioned, this will be a staged rollout, so some units may go live before others.


My nova is updating as we speak :crossed_fingers::heart_eyes::+1:

And just like that it was there for the Atom also. Both updates completed with no probelms. Good to see the support for Spotify Hi Fi. Sadly, I can’t try Tidal Connect as we have no access in Japan! The other fixes all look good though.


Installed successfully on NDX2, and a quick test of Tidal Connect gets the thumbs up - many thanks Team!


Installed on my Uniti Atom, easy! Listening to my first track via Tidal Connect now, which is awesome, I’ve been looking forward to this all year. Thanks Naim!

By the way, great to see the firmware update includes Spotify HiFi support, really looking forward to that too.


Are you supposed to add the device afresh on the app? It disappeared on mine anyway but now successfully added again with settings apparently intact.

Yes! MY ND5XS2 has an update available. Forgot how this works…… can I still play music while updating?

You shouldn’t have to add the device again, but - like any system change - there can be the odd anomaly. Personally, whenever I do any update to a connected device - not just Naim - I reboot everything - device, smartphone/tablet running the App etc - to check everything’s on the same page.

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No, you can’t. Just start the update and leave it be until it’s done - it’s not a huge update, so shouldn’t take long (depending on your download speeds etc!)

Got it Clare. Thanks!:+1:

For some reason Naim isn’t explaining this to customers, but when you update one of the new platform streamers, the app that kicked off the update is prevented from looking for the streamer for 15 mins, ostensibly to stop people bothering the streamer before it’s done.

So you don’t need to add it again, restart anything or perform any other strange ritual. After 15 mins, discovery is re-enabled and the streamer will reappear in your rooms. Or you can use an instance of the app on another device. That will show the streamer as soon as it’s back on the network.



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I think it wasnt even 10 minutes in my case - my nd5xs2 is on and swinging on new soft. Sounds rather good.


Hi David,

That’s not entirely correct.

To clarify:

The Naim App hides the product from Rooms until the product indicates that the update is complete, or for 10 minutes - whichever comes soonest.

You may have got the ‘15 minutes’ bit from the App itself, which explains that ‘when the update is complete the product will be shown in Rooms, which can take up to 15 minutes.’


Actually I got the 15 mins from a discussion with your colleagues in the beta group, but of course it may well have changed since then, indeed I’m glad it has!



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Are there any DSP changes in the 3.7 firmware? Should an ND555 user expect to hear any difference?

I ask as I was an NDS user who didn’t like the change from 4.4 to 4.6, so am a little cautious over just taking an update.

Updated my ND5 XS2 too… Indeed less than 10 min and it sounds quite good. Thanks Naim!