Intermittent problem with Nova - rebooting? (title edited)

Pandemic and all. I think in the auto reply they state a time frame to expect but sometimes it takes longer. I always received an answer eventually. But given the severity of your issues, maybe @Naim.Marketing can flag it up?

Happy to. @jegreenwood Please send me your ticket number and i’ll flag it up on Monday.

Thanks. Ticket Number is 120767

While the problem is real (either 5 or 6 reboots of my Nova within 24 hours), the scope may be more limited than I thought at one point. Right now, I think it is limited to the interaction between JRiver and my Nova. (I haven’t tested JRiver with my MuSo 2 or my ND5 SX2.) I relayed this information to Support in a follow-up e-mail last weekend.

Of course, the difficulty with intermittent issues is you can never be sure.

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Have you tried the latest firmware v3.7? It may solve the problem.

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Not yet. I looked at the release notes but saw nothing relevant. I think it makes more sense to wait to hear from customer support before making changes.

They don’t necessarily put every bugfix into the release notes, but it might just help. In any case (and FWIW I work as a software support manager) I’d always ask to try the latest release before spending time on an issue - it might just disappear and any time spent analyzing the older one may be wasted

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I’m away from home until Sunday. Maybe I’ll get some info Monday morning NY time.

As a rule I don’t install updates until I read some reports.

There are quite many reports in these threads :slight_smile:

Have a good trip

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Will review the thread when I return.

Updated the firmware and played some music on my Nova. Reboot after the third track. Still nothing from support.

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What’s your support ticket number?

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Clare had said she’d flag it up on Monday

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Which I have. Team have been extremely busy helping people with firmware updates, but i’ll flag it up again.


Thought so

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Yesterday, I ran my MuSo 2 accessing the JRiver server for about four hours with no problem. I also ran my Nova accessing a Twonky server for about four hours. No problem there either. So this seems specific to the Nova/JRiver pairing.

FYI - I haven’t tested my ND5 XS 2/Jriver/Ayre setup, which is my main system. Maybe it’s paranoia, but I feel nervous about possible consequences of a reboot in front of my pre-amp.

Heard from Support this morning. Thanks @Naim.Marketing and @Richard.Dane


Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away . . . Well, technically it was yesterday when my troubles returned.

Yesterday, I downloaded the starter version of MinimServer. Things went fine for about an hour before my Nova started stuttering. No reboot, though. Later, I had the same problem with my ND5 XS 2.

I also have another Windows machine that I can configure as a music server (for testing purposes). I downloaded Minim onto that, and all three units (including my MuSo 2) played without a hitch for more than 5 hours (all running at once). So now, I think it’s a problem with my primary music server - the computer, itself and the 2 Naim units.

I should add both tested computers are on Wi-Fi (no easy way to avoid this), but all the Naim units are connected by Ethernet.

I’m not sure if there’s much Naim can do to resolve my issue. Moreover, as this is an intermittent problem, I remain unsure of my diagnosis. I can develop a workaround. But any thoughts would be appreciated.

Just a thought about windows 10, its running its standard windows defender? Have you tried to exclude your music files and if you could find the process of the music server itself, exclude its process ?

Actually using a third party product. But streaming works most of the time, so I don’t think anything is getting blocked.

On a different but related topic, I had considered connecting a hard drive to my Nova and using it as a server, but I was advised by support that there is a bug that would cause it to omit songs with special characters in the song or album title. As my Scarlatti box set alone has 555 tracks, each labeled “Sonata #1” and so on (and thousands of other tracks with similar titles), that’s a non-starter. Looking forward to a fix.

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