Tidal Connect

Your generalising, just because Naims hardware is limited in resources to manage it any more effeciently doesn’t mean its a noisy protocol or the same elsewhere. Naim do there thing there way others in other ways. Have you actually had any experience in using it or listening to it on a system with it integrated to make this assumption? Its not half as bad as you make it out at all.

It’s a connectivity option that’s currently lacking (playing Tidal from their app). Chromecast would enable this as well.

There is precedent to Naim adding a connectivity option like that, although bizarrely they chose to add one that only works for Apple users.

Android suxs anyway so you would be forgiven!

Different people different opinions. I dislike Apple based on historical experience, and my gf, who actively uses both (work iPhone) dislikes it even more. (I wonder how current your experience of Android is) But I don’t think it’s actually relevant what you or I like or dislike. There’s options which are not vendor dependant, leaving the choice to the users. Making it frustrating when companies like Naim choose to add a vendor specific one, but refuse a vendor agnostic one.

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I would like to speak up for the Naim App. I use both Roon (with the core on a Roon Nucleus) and Naim Apps and, quite frankly, I consider Roon somewhat overrated. The additional ‘curating’ provided by Roon strikes me as disappointingly limited. After eight months Roon ownership I find myself reverting to the Naim App more often than not.


I agree - the naim app is great

Does roon improve SQ at all ?

Thanks for the summary. Great choice of music by the way. That new Alicia Keys album is a cracker.

Clare, will the NAC-N 272 preamp streamer recieve the same firmware update in support of Tidal Connect? thanks in advance…

Hi there! No, as detailed above by Steve, we can only bring the full TIDAL Connect to the latest-generation streaming platform, though we will be introducing, where possible, some enhanced TIDAL functionality to the older generation of products.

This is purely down to technical constraints - which, again, Steve can explain in far greater detail than I can! In simple terms: the older-generation products run on a Linux-based platform that TIDAL Connect does not support (TIDAL has chosen a different route for TC)


Clare, thank-you for the response. Just few a notes for naim senior designers and product planners: 2 years ago - When I purchased the NAC-N 272 it was postioned by Naim as their premier PreAmp Streamer. and BTW Tidal did offer then the upscaled MQA streaming files. Today Naim still positions this PreAmp streamer as a premier product. Here is quote from todays online Naim website; **

*Combining our latest innovations in digital audio technology with classic analogue preamplifier engineering, our streaming preamps sample the best of both worlds to create an immensely musical hi-fi system."
It is disapponting to hear that there is no firmware upgrade to address this by Naim. Nevertheless, I have been pleased with my NAC N 272 and other Naim components and their SQ. But agree with several on this forum…you need to work harder to get the best SQ out of the Tidal service, especially if you are going to feature them and your quality in such a forward fashion.


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I can’t see anything in Naim’s literature that would lead anybody up the garden path. Tidal streams just fine to legacy streamer’s, sure it’s not quite as good as local but this is a hardware limitation AIUI.

Low cost third party options such as Bubble UPnP can give a significant lift in SQ as well as adding the option of using Qobuz hires streaming. Add a Cisco 2960 and enjoy the almost free ride :+1:

I’m using Roon with a 2011 ND5XS and have just played a Tracey Thorn album in 24/44 MQA :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s in Bluenode 2i already.

@DanielH Here you go.

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I have BS Node 2i into N272 via RCA and have found that MQA sounds good and that allows me to use native Tidal app which has advantages.


MQA Sound quality is good, detail and sound stage as good, musicality well it’s a bit harsh. Is it better than Tidal Hi Fi via Naim app as enabled on the 272 probably not.

But it’s very convenient and has native Tidal advantages. My playlists and Tidal site advantages.

Draw back

  • have to select TIDAL Connect in the app each time of use.

On another point I have 3 off MuSo Qb purchased just before the 2nd gen was released. I was glad to have apple airplay 2 implemented and appreciated Naim doing this. It would be good if they can get Connect implemented as well, I accepted the N272 platform being too old, given its vintage as a product. But the point I would make is that I invested in the MuSo on the back of Naims reputation for support\updating and residual values. This experience has dented my confidence in the brand in this respect. Good news that Tidal support within the Naim app will continue, particularly when I often play all four units round the house at the same time.

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How can the MQA SQ be good when it’s a bit harsh in terms of musicality?
And when it’s probably not as good as Tidal via the Naim app?

If the Naim app on your Naim streamer sounds better than the BS Node 2i, then why did you not return the BS Node 2i to the retailer and get a refund.

You’re paying for another box that isn’t as good as the one you’ve got - and you have to waste electricity and shelf space on it too, and dust it occasionally.

(I tried the BS Node 2i and it also sounded worse in my system and so I sent it back for a full refund.)

Strange, because your finding in respect of ‘harshness’ is almost the polar opposite of my findings.

Sure, there are MQA recordings available in Tidal that sound quite harsh, but I find that they are normally recordings from a certain genre (see disclaimer below) or genres (such as ‘RAP’, ‘House’, ‘Hip Hop’), and I am sure you will find that the 16bit versions of these recordings sound equally or even more harsh.

However, most of the time, the main benefit of MQA for me, my ears and my systems is that the MQA versions of a recording mostly sound less harsh and more ‘analogue’ sounding than their 16 bit equivalents. Often a fairly subtle difference, but a welcome one nonetheless.

Disclaimer: I think I can recognise recordings that reside in a genre or category of ‘RAP’, but if asked to define ‘House’ or ‘Hip-hop’, I would be hopelessly lost!

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I’m guessing (and this is not going to be a popular view on this forum) that some people consider the user experience, connectivity, and features just as important, or maybe even more so, then sound quality.
I had this experience when I ordered the Atom a few years ago. The remote was poor; didn’t allow me to control UPnP. the front of the unit also didn’t allow for quick controls. the alarm was no longer available. And the colour screen didn’t show song info (even thought it has the space to). So in the end I went for a legacy product. Actually the SU does sound better as well :smile:


Sorry, Tom - I literally have no idea what this means. :grinning:

That’s like getting a new bucket and saying, ‘Yeah, ok, it’s got a large hole in it, but it’s a lovely shade of brown’.

They are both important of course. But yes, the myriad of connectivity options was one of the reasons to consider it. Doesn’t mean sound quality isn’t important, I wouldn’t have gone for it if it hadn’t sounded excellent as well, and also makes me stick with it despite some frustrations that have made others return their unit.

An example of the former is the Chromecast functionality, apparently (see above) it’s inferior in sound quality to native Tidal. Personally I can’t really hear a difference, certainly not one big enough that it can’t be attributed to psychoacoustics, so am happy to go for the convenience of using the native app instead of the Naim integration. Others seem adamant that the native implementation shouldn’t be used because of the theoretical degradation in sound quality (even without having heard it themselves).

@JimDog or maybe like buying a sports car… yes it’s fast, but the seats are uncomfortable, it’s loud, and has no air-con. While a less fast car is quiet, comfortable and cool :grin: