TIDAL glitch in Naim app

I assume this is probably known about, but is annoying me so will post just in case.
So using TIDAL in Naim app and search for an artist, play a few tracks from an album (in this case Grateful Dead) Then select new album and play. If I then click the three dots next to track name and select go to album or artist, it goes to the previous search! Not the one playing.
Not the end of the world but annoying.
The usual shutting app and swiping up doesn’t work.
Restarting iPad doesn’t work either.
Running current IOS on iPad Air.
Any thoughts please?

Paging @tomvamos

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Thanks Clare.
Update: today it is back to normal and finds correct artist and not just the Grateful Dead!
The one thing I didn’t do at all was restart the 272 so that has had nothing to do with this glitch.
I’ll see how it goes.


Haven’t experienced that but seems a bit annoying. I would prefer to play direct from the Tidal app but can only do that via Bluetooth. Any other thiughts on this?

Hello, and welcome to the Forum!

What Naim product(s) are you using TIDAL with?

I think it should be possible to use Airplay on Apple devices and Chromecast on Android instead of Bluetooth.

In any case, the Tidal Connect feature is about to be added,

You are presumably using a 1st gen Naim streamer of some sort if your only option is Bluetooth, which will not be giving you the best sound quality. (Another option to try would be a wired connection from an iOS device to the USB port on your streamer, although of course this may be inconvenient to use.)
I believe there are due to be some updates to the native Tidal input in the Naim app, so depending on what it is you are missing, tht may offer you a better option when it arrives.

I have no issues generally with the Naim app, and sound quality of Tidal HiFi is as good as local streaming to both my 272 (wired connection) and NDX (WiFi) it has never stumbled at all. This was a very strange glitch which is why I posted it. I can’t see why using the Tidal app would be such an advantage really.

And today- it is doing it again. As my opening post. But not the Grateful Dead this time.

I’m sure @tomvamos is monitoring and likely been trying to recreate the issue at Naim.

Thanks Richard.

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