Tidal launches HiFi Plus

Yep, clear as mud right now.

We’ll run some further tests when we get a chance.

(I’ve had enough of Taylor Swift for the day/month/year/ever. Will no-one think of my algorithms?!)


I suspect if you have software to do 1st unfold or hardware for full MQA decoding the new tier gives you exactly the same as before for the same price, and probably nothing new - if you don’t get any benefit from MQA then the cheaper option seems much better value.

Will have to blame @Mike_S :joy:

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Good Chiara. I have Tidal and I have received the plus x email. Except that the Mqa on the naim ND5xs2 doesn’t work and comes down to 16 bit mp3.

Naim streamers do not support MQA, so for now all you’ll get on your streamer is up to lossless CD quality.

I assume Naim made a decision on MQA during design of the new streamers, it would undoubtedly have required licensing and may have needed hardware not just software to fully decode (I’m uncertain). Irrespective of any potential benefits of MQA to reduce hi-res file sizes in the past when internet connections were slower it is a lossy proprietary format and I suspect has a limited lifespan.

Hardware is fine, a software update would be possible:

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Downgraded to TIDAL HiFi just now and subscribed to QOBUZ. Total extra cost: 2.50 Euro per month. Thanks TIDAL!


I guess it would also depend on how intensive processing on current hardware would be to implement MQA support and I could not see Naim compromising SQ aspects to fully support MQA in software unless it was straightforward.

I still think there would be licensing issues/costs for the technology as for Airplay 2 etc, Naim could offer for free if they wanted to or as a paid add-on/upgrade to enable it based on a unit’s unique ID.

I think Steve knows what he’s saying :wink: and if he says they could support it with a software update if the interest was large enough, I guess that’s what it is. Of course there would be licensing costs



Probably little different to other technology, but I think chances are most consumers won’t care and hi-fi enthusiasts will want a more open system wherever possible using existing standards which can be truly lossless.


I know it’s bad, I don’t want it. All I am saying is that Steve says that Naim could implement it in a software update if they wanted to and if the interest was sufficient


Yes, thanks for that, I’m sure whatever needs to can be done in software if there is no strict proprietary hardware component requirement for full unfolding/decoding.

This thread seems to provoke more questions than answers. I currently use Qobuz on an ND555.

So… which is better - Qobuz or Tidal?!

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Not sure if it’s worth rehashing this debate. There are so many existing threads about this where all possible arguments have been made.

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Not true. It will only unfold MQA masters that have.an ORF mastered at 44.1/24 , which there all lot off. Any MQA that’s have an ORF higher wont unfold and will be presented as 44.1/16 flac. There might be an MQA master of it but you won’t get that stream.

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Sound wise on MY system I prefer QOBUZ.


It shows as MQA FLAC 96K Stereo 24B when played on an MQA-capable streamer. Let’s hope my 10% artist payout doesn’t go the way @Naim.Marketing’s goes (i.e. to Ms. Swift). :grin:


This maneuver by Tidal will lead to many cancellations in favor of Qobuz

I obviously realise it will be different on an MQA device; I’m just trying to test the claims about non-MQA high-res

I have an NDS. I assume the legacy streamers will play the 1411 Tidal HiFi files?
I’ve been listening this morning and it seems to sound very good to these ol’ ears.
I haven’t done the update yet, but will do soon.