Tidal login issue


My connection to Tidal from my iPad seems to have logged out (using the Naim app). When I attempt to login I get an error: (MusicServiceKit.OAuthError error 4.)

My Google Pixel 7 is logged in via the Naim app and works fine.

Any ideas?

Edit: I logged out of the Tidal app on my iPad and could login again OK. Same with my Pixel 7. So it’s just the login from the Naim app on my iPad that fails.

iPad is running v17.3.1 of the O/S. Naim app is v6.6.0. Tidal Connect works from my iPad.


Same here, Tidal via Focal & Naim app on Apple iPad & IPhone not working. I’m getting same error code as you. Stand alone Tidal app seems to be fine.

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I should add using iOS 17.3.1

OK, sorry, but I’m glad it’s not just me :grinning:.

I suspect Naim will need to fix their app for iPadOS v17.3.1 which is very recent.

Same here with the latest version of the Naim app on an iPad running ios 17.3.1.

So, what’s the best way to raise this with Naim?

Phone or email to Naim support.

It was working yesterday.

Thanks. Done. Ticket raised.

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Same here. Tidal login issue.

Same problem here. Tidal app ok, Naim app login error. Noticed this afternoon. IOS 17.3.1.
I hope Naim will fix this asap.

Me too on a M2 MacBook Air. Tidal app and iPhone app ok.

I have the same problem. I am running iOS 15.8.1 as using Old iPad mini 4

Same here. How will we know when Naim resolve the issue

Same here from both iPad and Mac, so dont think its a iPad update issue, more likely Naim or Tidal or combination of both

Calling @Stevesky

Same here @ 18.55 UK time.

Just as well I have a Zenith……

Maybe time to ONLY have a Zenith, but then it’ll probably fail too :joy::joy::joy::joy:.

Isn’t networking fun…… NOT!

Interestingly my Zenith logs into Tidal just fine so apparently a Naim or Naim/Tidal issue.


Same here. Neither my 222 or my Muso 2 working with Tidal

Try Tidal connect or a non Apple device.

Tidal App works on my iPad Pro, IOS 17.3.1, 19.51 UK time.


Yes, it’s only the Naim app on iOS that is having a problem.