Tidal Only Playing One Song at a Time via Naim App


I am streaming music from Tidal via the Naim app and it works just fine when I listen to albums or playlists, however, whenever I play music from my favorite songs list, it plays only one song at the time and not the entire list of songs. Indeed, there is only one song in the queue and I need to start manually the next song after the previous one.
The software of my Naim Mu-so Qb 2 is up to date. Is there anything I could do to fix it?



If you are playing from your TRACKS list, each song stands alone.

You’d need to add them to a playlist for them to play in sequence. For example, if I tap a track in this list, only that track will play:

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Or add to the play queue instead of a permanent playlist.
It would be nice though to have the option to play all favorite tracks (with shuffle)

When I click on the three dots beside one of my favourited Tidal tracks it gives the option of ‘Start Track Radio’. I’m just testing this now - does that effectively do a shuffle of your favourite tracks? I’m not sure I’m going to know as many of the tracks under favourites are my kids’ choices!

EDIT: Nope doesn’t seem to work as hoped. It seems to be picking random Tidal tracks - not obvious how. Does anyone know what this is supposed to do?

Yeah it’s a way of asking TIDAL to play you tracks like the one you selected

Spotify offers this too

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This related to the Tidal issue?

Thanks all for your replies.

Creating playlists or adding songs to the queue is indeed a way to get around this limitation.

But it is a shame that such premium devices as the naims cannot play a favorite tracklist in sequence.

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