TIDAL stops playing before playlist ends

I did that when I first installed it as it prompted those things, but still only plays for 1.5 - 2hrs then stops.

Internet connection is good/strong. It always stops between 1.5 - 2 hrs after I start it, if it were internet connection issues it would be more random.

I’m sorry, have you installed the BubbleUPnP License? The free version has a number of limitations:

  • Internet streaming with BubbleUPnP Server is limited to 30 minutes per app launch

  • Playlist and Library Shuffle are limited to 16 tracks

  • downloads limited to batches of maximum 40 tracks

  • the local renderer is remotely controllable by external Control Points for 30 mins per app launch

  • the local Media Server is not browsable by filesystem (SD Card)

  • playing media from external apps is limited to 3 plays per app launch

@jmtennapel, I have streamed it via the Naim app, and via BubbleUPnP. Both behave the same way, but as Bubble connects to the Naim app somehow, I am guessing issues could still be there.

@Karpan, I have the full licensed version.

Could you explain why you mean here? You don’t need the Naim App installed to use Bubble.

I am finding this very unlikely. There is more than one odd thing going on here. I haven’t used Bubble but I find it strange that you would have to enable gapless for Bubble not to play the same track over and over, as well.

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@Guinnless I am not really sure now much it intertwines with it, maybe not at all in a sense of this issue, all I know is that when it was playing the same song over and over, it was doing so because it was triggering the repeat track function within the Naim app.

@Suedkiez Seems it is a common issue as a quick google turned up the fix for me and it worked like a charm. Hasn’t done it once since I clicked that box.

There should be no interaction with the Naim App.
If you’ve left the Naim App open then the Naim device will feed back to the Naim App but it’s one way traffic.
I can do exactly the same with Roon and see a track playing on the Naim App.

Hmm, weird. Google finds nothing for me, just this one from the old forum where someone had the track loop issue but turned out to be because the track repeat was enabled in the Naim app:

There is also another one here were someone had the loop issue with Windows media player, and there it turned out that they had track repeat enabled in the WMP:

So it seems that this is always controlled by the player app whatever it is.

And here someone had the loop issue but said that they DISabled gapless “as recommended elsewhere”, but to no avail:

It seems from another discussion I found that to pay gapless, the server needs to handle both the running and the next track, which makes sense, and if this goes wrong it can fail to advance to the next track, so DISabling gapless is then recommended.

What were your search terms or can you post the link?

But I may be muddling up the issue because I don’t know about BPnP, someone with experience should chime in instead :slight_smile:

I used Bubble (server) a lot for improved SQ and access to Qobuz. I never played any playlists with it though.

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So just an update. I just used the same Tablet I use to control the 272 and using BubbleUPnP, chose the tablet as the renderer instead of the 272. I had no issues streaming TIDAL, it kept going without stopping.

2022-01-25 I have to edit this post once again … the constant testing keeps turning up interesting results! It turned out when the tablet didn’t stop, it had been repeating the same track. I just put a playlist on BubbleUPnP using the tablet as the rendered, and it stopped after 2 hours!! … this means that this issue has nothing to do with Naim. But I will still be banging my head on the wall as TIDAL says its not them either.

Hi ChrisSU

I will have a SILENT ANGEL BONN N8 for testing next week, will this more or less do the same trick as a proxy?

No not at all, that’s completely different

Uhhh forgot to say that this will function as dedicated switch after my Asus router

It’s still a switch and not a proxy :slight_smile:

No, it’s a switch. It will not buffer the incoming Tidal stream to make it more resiliant to dropouts if that’s what you mean, it’s just there to add more connection ports to your home network.

My Uniti2 was running rock solid until the 4.8 update I did about a month ago. Now it’s often reluctant to pick up and start a play list and regularly drops out during play back.

I’ve tried all the usual and obvious things but can’t help but think it’s the new firmware that has upset things.

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That is disappointing for sure. I wonder if this firmware update is what is causing some of my issues as well then. I still also have trouble getting a playlist to start playing from the Naim app as well.

Same, I use the Naim app on my iPhone to control streaming from Tidal. I’ve checked the app is up to date and reset/rebooted/powered down everything and still no joy.

The issue isn’t bad enough to ruin my listening completely but it’s certainly annoying. I usually load up an album at a time with Tidal and I would say as a rough guess 1 in 5 is a struggle to get going or will stop midway through the album - it always finishes the song though, never stops mid-track.

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