Time for a change?

Those that know my system will know it hasn’t changed for a while… My CD 555 and NAT 01 still provide many hours of enjoyment and after the last eventful couple of years that’s not a bad thing. However a little niggle is starting to grow into a bigger niggle and maybe it’s time to finally do something with my system.

Therefore I turn to the esteemed experts of the forum and ask, if you were in my position, what would you do?


Maybe it’s time for an ND555, or maybe for an altogether different Soulution.


I have watched the cd mechanism thread with some interest……no real answers as you must be aware. If i were you and liked cd players a top Accuphase or as HH suggests an ND555 which i own.

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I am not a fan of streaming HH as most know and I still haven’t got the best out of my CD 555 it’s only 15 years old now :blush:


Get yer MF9s back, ye know it makes sense … … … only joking, but then, what would you expect me to say.:wink:

The ND 555, with twin power supplies, is a seriously good source.

Don’t forget, I still have a mechanism with my name on back at Naim hq, the CD 555 came with two mechanisms when originally bought.


I was expecting you to say, get another 500 Dave :slight_smile:

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Finally time for the S1 :slight_smile: ? There are some used out there.

What kind of phonopre do you own?

Go try a few dacs, find one you like and stick a melco hard drive or something like that, rip your cd’s and be done with it all


I’d hate to be so predictable, but yes, that’s a thought.

So what’s the motivation behind this? What do you want to achieve? Fewer boxes?

Good question Nigel, I guess it’s the same as it always has been, changes have to be a real improvement in sound quality.

Time for fewer boxes? Not yet, my system is still a statement piece.

I have the CD 555, 552 and 500.

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I guess you could go active with two more 500s and six more boxes. You could buy a Statement. You could explore life outside Naim, hence my Soulution mention earlier. It’s worked for Thomas.

Well dare I say it go try a dCS rossini and clock as that will certainly be different and it could just be what you are looking for, hay you can even get the player version like me and have a cd player still built in.
No more to add really, but you should do yourself a favour and atleast go hear it


Out of interest Dunc, which BNC cables do you use between your Rossini DAC and clock? Did you replace the standard bundled cables?

Sorry, thought you still had your TT.

Thinking outside the Naim borders is almost forbidden, but I listen to some classic Nagras on a fair and it was amazingly magic. They also played on their cd player.

Yes, I still have the TMS3 with Artemiz and XV 1-t, I am not looking to upgrade that at the moment.

I will upgrade to a Vertere TT at some point.

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I have the standard set, never used them
O.5 meter wide eye
1 m van damme rg59

I like the van damme better, but both very cheap under £30 delivered

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You’ve got me hankering after a NAT 01 now!!!

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