Time for a change?

By far, my most used source. It’s sublime and simply plays music :blush:


Well Nigel,

You seem to be happy and pretty well sorted with your sources, the Neats are just a distant memory now, so the inevitable conclusion surely must be that it’s Statement time.

Correct me if I’m wrong but a quick search shows FM should be around until at least 2030.

It’s an iconic product - my best tuner was a £120 Denon in the late 90’s :rofl:

It had all the digital station listing malarkey as well as FM but was barely used.

These days I listen a lot to Classic FM and Radio 3 which I didn’t back then.

As an interesting aside though a few weeks ago on a Sunday morning I thought my system sounded sublime - I then realised it was a fairly low quality classical feed on a streamer but with engrossing music!


Are you sure that this is how it works? What does “came with” mean? I always read that there is a spare for every player they built, but does that mean that one spare is allocated to a specific player serial number and yours has your name/serial on the back, or are those aggregated numbers? If allocated, this would mean that someone who experiences the second failure today would be told “sorry no mech for you”. Somehow I doubt that.

In addition, mechs degrade in storage, there is no guarantee that they will all work. Plus, Naim replaced whole mechs for cracked spindles (a bad idea)

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Yes, I expect to be using the NAT 01 for many years to come and don’t forget I have the XPS-t powering it, I will carry on using it until FM is finally turned off and by then I will have had my monies worth out of it.

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We’ll time will tell when I finally get the mech changed by that’s what my dealer thought as well. If I am wrong then I may end up with a very expensive doorstop :blush:

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Hi Mark, I trust all is well?

Simply I haven’t heard a streamer I would replace my CD 555 with, I accept the CD 555 is not the ultimate in sound quality nowadays but in terms of musicality and analogue seduction, nothing betters it unless you are talking turntable but I have my TMS for that.


Sorry Dave that’s. Little out of my price range for now. :blush:


An obvious question PB but after 15 years do any of your boxes need a service?

Best regards, BF


Then the S1 is maybe a logical step? Will also upgrade all your three sources at the same time.
Did you had one for a demo at home already?

Hi PB,
I had Olive 01 and cds2 as my only 2 sources.
I have since sold both and my current and only source is Ndx2/555dr ps.
With 552/500 and Kudos Titant88’s
So somewhat analogous to your current system- expect your CD player and tuner are certainly going to be a bit better and your 808s are the new generation of my Titans.
That said, the sound quality of streaming is better than the cds2 and the 01.
Furthermore, Naim radio is phenomenal! Hundreds of stations some hi def. I do not miss my 01 at all.
Finally, I don’t even have the nd555 (though eventually I will😏).
Have you heard any quality streaming systems? If u sold your cd555 and turntable getting a nd555 would be cost effective.
I understand the attachment one gets to certain products….I never saw myself getting rid of my mint 01.
But I did and I am enjoying music as never before.
Think about it, david

Maybe have all of your 500 kit DR’ed?

Hi PB,
Can you expand on the nature of the ‘niggle’ ? It it just boredom or are there aspects of the sound that are increasingly bothering you and not quite hitting the spot? Is there a lack of engagement?
Always happy to help spend other folks money :wink:

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Yes, you were building your system at the same time I was Mark, I remember the good old threads of the early days. One thing I haven’t done is to get the kit serviced, it must be long overdue by now, can I ask if you noticed much of a difference when it came back.

I am in pretty good health now after the issues I had last year, the system was a big comfort when I was finding it difficult.


Like HH earlier, a good question, the progressive nature in me and the need to improve and get better makes me wonder if I can be getting a bit more out of my system. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad system but something is niggling at me to see if I can do better.

Evening DF, I take it all on board but the TMS is definitely not for sale, it’s a one off and I have too much vinyl. the NAT 01 is my workhorse and is on for 60 -80% of my listening and it’s irreplaceable.
I am sure things are moving quickly with streaming but not yet for me, I find streaming to be too correct and still cold IMO, maybe if they sounded a little more halogen, I would be interested :blush:

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If your 552 and especially the 500 hasn t been Dr and serviced, then I take my suggestion about the S1 back and would do that as soon as possible. Discount on doing Dr and service at the same time. Done my in 2019. Jaw dropping experience.


+1 from me. DR conversion is not just a freshening up exercise, it’s a different, much better amp, especially on the 500. It will improve all 3 sources I’m sure. Could Peter lend you a DR pairing for a few days to check ?

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Hi PB. Your system is screaming out for a full service and DR. You will wonder why you left if till now (health considerations aside).