Time for a change?

I am not sure the forum could cope with another Jaw thread Mark lol, maybe I need a walk to Peter in the near future to discuss the options :blush:


Having just read that your 500 kit is not DRed and long time since serviced, then before you even think about anything else, get them done.
The 500 is the biggest gain, but if like me and your 552 is felling it, but you haven’t a clue it is, as its still working, well mine started to fail and fade on one channel just before it went in, then this will also be a nice improvement along with the 500.
Yes I know it’s a few quid to get them both done, but definitely do it

A niggle with 15 year old 500 series is sort of an indicator that a service is due I should think.
If you’re visiting a dealership anyway you might give a listen to a Solstice, just to confirm you already have better you understand.

Okay I’ve had the pleasure of hearing PB’s system on quite a few occasions. If it isn’t the best I’ve ever heard it will be very close to. I recall last the occasion and just before I left him playing Selling England and it was just sublime and I’m far from a Genesis aficionado. I would do/consider 2/3 things:

  1. Keep the TMS3 but upgrade to Vertere SG tonearm and get a new Dyna cartridge, that must need replacing by now.

  2. Try a Superline/SC instead of the Roksan Stage.

  3. Try a DR 555/552/500.



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Oh I don’t know :blush: I would enjoy it far more now I know you (a bit)

….and DRing? :thinking:

Hi PB, last time you did a thread like this re speakers, you had actually already ordered some.
Now, what have you ordered? :rofl: Best Peter


Has your NAT ever been serviced? Naim recommended to me that tuners are serviced every ten years. I took their advice and am delighted. Source first etc.


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Hi PB,

The CD555 is a fantastic source.

In your position I would be tempted to stick but add a good, but not top rate, streamer. This will give you access to the world of streaming at a standard that is bearable via your system, allowing you to identify your future CD purchases.

Over time it might even tempt you to make a larger investment in streaming :wink:



Evening Peter, what do you know that I don’t know? Are there rumours going around and are all hi-if companies on standby lol?

There may be changes coming up, I had an interesting chat with Peter earlier and there are one or two options available :blush:

Yes, it was serviced when I bought it and then I had the power supply upgraded to the XPS-t, it’s probably due for some attention now.

Over time, maybe, yes streaming may happen but the CD 555’s going to stay for a little while longer :blush:

How dangerous has the office relocation been then? :blush:

Very! It could end up costing me a fortune :unamused:

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You know my system better than most Lindsay and that is some excellent advice :blush:

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Well, the good doctor has been consulted, discussions have been had and it looks like a few boxes will be taking a vacation. Time for a full service and a DR upgrade is in the pipeline.

February and March could be quiet in the bears house :blush:


Well, I have started :blush:


Hi PB, so it’s a service, but not DR’ing for you?

It would be silly to send everything to HQ without getting both done at the same time :blush:


But you still have the 552 and 500 head units at home. Don’t they have to be changed too?

I have only packed half the kit, I still have the other half to pack. As I said, I have started, not finished yet!