Tinnitus....anyone else?

I noticed today on Twitter a product promoted by Flare Audio called Calmer, which some users are claiming has eased their tinnitus. It looks rather like some type of ear plug. I have no relationship with the company, so am not promoting it, nor do I know if it even works, but just thought it might be an option for those on this forum who are suffering.

There’s another a thread on Flare Audio:

The calmer ear inserts do help to a degree, as they filter some of the top register, but then at the cost of losing some detail in the frequencies. I’ve stopped using them for now as I don’t like the filtering effect when listening to music

I read somewhere of somebody having tinnitus so bad that other people could hear it if they got close enough, I of course did not believe it but it wasn’t a joke.

It is the brain, not the ears which generate the sound.

Yes I have it and I have been careful with my ears my whole life. Had my ears checked out and they are very good for my early fourties.

Something positive about it: I use it as an indicator. It is my best and most objective indicator which tells me to take care and get more rest. Difficult with 4 kids.

As Ardberg 10 says, tinnitus is generated in the brain and not the ears, so it’s impossible for someone else to hear it. If someone seriously claims that they can then that demonstrates the power of autosuggestion.




It started some 7 years ago in my left ear like a slight hiss, more or less like when you turn up the volume of your amp or like a enhanced intracranial blood stream.
For pure coincedence it probably started after being rear ended in my car, not a particulary big hit though. Being concerned since my mother suffered at much more important level, i stated a in ear laser therapy with a otolaryngologist doctor, for about three years time, once a week. I think now is pretty much under control, but probably it has never been so severe.
Anyone here who followed such therapy ?


Agreed, I only shared that as I think it amusing that somebody would believe it. On the other hand a mind reader…

Actually there is a grain of truth in this. There are in fact two types of tinnitus. One is neurological, the other physical and generally caused by a combination of blood pressure and bad luck in how your capillaries are plumbed around the eardrum.

The latter can be detected by an ENT using a special device. Another person couldn’t hear it though.

One interesting development is some medications in development. While tinnitus means hearing loss, it doesn’t necessary mean ear damage. It is often triggered in the brain by a loud noise of certain frequencies. A bit like a sticky key on a keyboard. There are developments ongoing to develope a medication to reset that.

Interesting. Could you provide more info?


All the usual suspects seems to hinder the build up somewhat.
Lots of garlic, chillies, 85% chocolate. Goats milk and exercise - anything with high anti oxidants helps for me.
I have found for me a correlation of heart,blood and ears = tinnitus control.
Healthy heart and arteries seems to put down the pressure that makes my ears more chilled out.


I’ve been trying to find the article. I read this around 2016 in the newspaper.

Another summary of treatments for existing conditions repurpsed for tinnitus is here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3136369/

I think a major issue with neurological tinnitus is there is a huge number of mechanisms and from the outside diagnosing which one a person is affected with is very hard.

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For some people the sound is akin to eye floaters where the brain sometimes adapts to block them out

Oops just realised I’m way too late to comment😕

Thanks for the info Richard

I drink huge quantities of coffee so will change this👍

That would be my problem then, how do you get rid of the floaters is the question.


Well you could relax and let your sub conscious take over or it might be a question of diet :joy:

Sometimes you can’t get rid of them. I still remember vividly a spiders web descending like a veil over my left eye in August 2013 - frightened me to death! It settled down an hour or two later into a semi-opaque ‘floater’ which is always there. Annoying, but I’ve learned to live with it. Optician tells me only 50% or so are lucky enough to have the brain ‘cancel out’ the little beasties!

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