To leave Naim equipment on or turn off?

Forgive me I am fairly new to this forum/community and I’m sure this topic has been covered countless times before but I can’t find anything specifically about it. I posted the note below in reply to someone on another thread who was concerned about their equipment getting overly hot and then thought I would start a new topic on the subject. If this Is all somewhere else I’d be grateful to be pointed there if someone could do that. Many thanks
“I have had various different combinations of Naim equipment for almost 40 years and always kept it turned on. At the weekend I had a new NAC 282 installed by a highly reputable dealer who told me that there’s no reason to leave it on and that I should turn off the power amps (135s) and the HiCap when I’m not using them. Even Naim’s advice on this is somewhat ambiguous in my research.

  • Leave on because it will improve the sound
  • Turn off in case of a power surge and to extend life
    (To say nothing of the environmental concern of ‘wasting’ energy of course)
    Would appreciate other users thoughts on this subject”

Naim’s advice has always been to leave your system turned on. The exception is that if there is a risk of lightning, it should be turned off and unplugged for safety reasons.

FWIW, I leave my system on all the time. Therefore I don’t have to worry about whether it sounds better when its warm as its warmed up all the time. As for the costs, I doubt it costs that much in real terms to keep it powered up.

Exactly as I understood it so was surprised by this recent advice

Very much my thoughts on warming up. As for cost I believe with my set up it could be as much as £250 a year in electricity but my main concern was the planet not my electricity bill TBH.

Mine never goes off. If I take a holiday then it would be powerered down. As regards saving the planet, just look at the average, often emptly, city office block with all the lights on.
Used equipment takes a shorter time to reach optimum than brand new.

In my experience the poweramps are quicker on song than the preamp. I switch off the poweramps when I’m from home a few days, but leave the pre & ps switched on.

My second and third system are always on since they are used often (tv / living room hifi)

I do the similar to Ardbeg, system left on most of the time but I switch off the power amp if I’m away for a day or two. If I’m away any longer than that I switch it all off.

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One way round it it to switch to a wholly renewable energy supply, such as Bulb. We’ve done quite a lot to save energy - LED bulbs, a super efficient boiler, efficient washing machine, more loft insulation, gone down to one smaller car, turned down the thermostat, and started washing the hair shirt at 30C. But the Naim stays on. It just sounds so much better.


Not taking responsibility for one’s own actions because others don’t for theirs Is what stops progress in reduction of energy use!


What, say what?


Many thanks

Very helpful, thank you

Mine is left on permanently unless their are thunderstorms forecast overnight etc…they are all unplugged from the wall socket in that scenario.

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That is what I have generally done - it’s just that a thunderstorm can arrive unexpectedly I guess!

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In my case the HiCap keeps powering the 72 24/7 and I switch on the 250 after lunch for my late afternoon/evening listening sessions. I power it down once finished.

Helpful to know, thank you

I leave my Naim kit on all the time (apart from holidays and thunderstorms) but power it all down and leave it off for around an hour before powering it up again every three to four months.

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From an environment point of view it’s a bit strange recommending always on from a company 2019.