Today, I was so bored, I

…cleaned out all the traps in the sinks in my house. First time I think I’ve ever done that without a blockage or dropped piece of jewellery forcing me into it. Mind you, I got a revolting yet pleasingly large lump of hair/soap/gunk out of the one in my daughters’ bathroom which showed it was needed.

What tedious/unpleasant jobs do you normally not have time for but might get round to in the current situation?


Cleaned the cat litter tray thoroughly, more out of necessity tbh. They seem v stressed at the mo, a clean clean tray is supposed to be beneficial to them, altho that was news to me tbh.

We have a rug in the dining room with really thick pile. Over the years we’ve had it the pile has gradually collapsed. So this morning I’ve been on my hands and knees trying to rejuvenate it. With Radio 3 playing in the background it was rather therapeutic.

Hope you had a mask on.

Sometimes one can inhale tiny particles or a micro insect…

How does one rejuvenate a rug? You haven’t been individually picking and pinching each bit of pile up by hand, have you? Sounds like the sort of thing that would be classified as cruel and unusual punishment by the UNCHR!


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Reorganising and cleaning out the garage, which hasn’t been able to accommodate the car for >12m’s, post works to the house when it was used as a storage facility for materials - some of which remain. It’s also become a convenient staging point for some garden tools and kit which should be in the shed.

Added to which, with the emptying of garden recycle bins in my area suspended UFN, I’m going to have to create a large composter - lucky I have plenty of leftover wood to make it from!

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That’s precisely what I was doing!

Taken the dualit toaster to bits, cleaned all the crumbs out of crevices, gave it a good polish and put it back together. 3 hours of my life I am never going to get back …


I am spending more time here :wink:



My Jura coffee machine has thrown it’s hand in, with perfect timing during this spell of self-isolation, wouldn’t you say?

So this afternoon is being spent stripping it down to discover the problem … though it’s not exactly a crisis, Chez Dave, as I’ve pressed into service its predecessor, my Gaggia espresso machine and Krups grinder.

Moral of the story?

Never throw anything away, as you just never know … :mask:

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Making sour dough bread.

More specifically grinding wheat in a grain mill, sieving it twice to separate the flour from the wheatgerm, bran and bits of chaff.

Took an hour to get enough flour for a single loaf. Need a more efficient way of sieving flour.

Mind you… Some of the nicest bread I’ve ever made.

Sieved loaf is one on the right. One on the left used the whole milled wheat, much heavier but still worth making, good with cheese!


My backup…never does to trust the electricals completely!


Holy moley - I can see why you haven’t done it sooner!

True in principle but, ironically, my hand ground coffee mill gave up the ghost just before this malarkey started and I’ve replaced it (grudgingly) with an electric one.


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Ah, but a shiny crumb-free Dualit is reward enough, surely?

Reminds me… I need to do ours as well. I might leave it until tomorrow. Wouldn’t want to exhaust all the entertainment possibilities too soon.



[quote=“Ebor, post:15, topic:7432”]
Wouldn’t want to exhaust all the entertainment possibilities too soon.


It’s not procrastination at all, it’s ensuring that there are plenty of boredom relieving tasks saved for another day! :mask:

Washed all the door mats, aka cat mud traps. That led to a serious scrub of everything from work surface downwards in the kitchen. Sorting recycling ready for bin men tomorrow.

Quite right. I reckon I could get two days of ‘entertainment’ out of tidying the garage. Then there’s cleaning the insides of the windows - another morning, at least. Clean out, rationalise and tidy all the kitchen cupboards and drawers, another half day.

By the time we get back to normality (remember that?), my house is going to be the cleanest, tidiest and most organised it’s ever been. Not that that’s saying much.



You put a car in the garage??? How weird are you?


Made ice cream …
Eggs, cream, milk and dulce de leche if anyone is interested.