Tour de France 2022

Its crazy that they want to. :slight_smile:

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Suppose being isolated down here makes you crave a connection with Europe. Australians (and Kiwis for that matter) are huge travellers.

However as pointed out on another thread think it’s got more to do with our connection with ABBA.

Yeah I understand that. It was more a tongue in cheek dig at the concept of Eurovision. I’m not a fan.

I thought it might be, sorry I didn’t want to take it for granted.

I’m with you on that, I’d rather visit my in-laws. :rofl::rofl:

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What’s not to love? A hugely expensive annual music completion where the voting is based on geography and politics and the music stands to showcase national identity’s but just reinforces stereotypes. It’s hilarious and great entertainment, just not a serious music competition.