Toyah and Fripp Sunday lunch

Ha. Small World. I played Cricket for Fladbury for some years and The Chequers Inn has probably been my main “local” for years. Family home was Evesham, moved to Pershore when I got married, then moved to just outside Cropthorne about 20 years ago. School and worked in Worcester for a long time.
Probably seen you about!!! :grinning:

My friends family used to own Fladbury Mill. We had some great fun there messing about in canoes and coracles.

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I don’t think she’s had them done… she was carrying a fair old set in her teens.
Note to self… must watch Quadrophenia again!


I used to know Bunny and David Wynn who lived in Fladbury Mill, and were very good friends of my parents.

Lovely couple.

Also, used to go to the Chequers pub occasionally when I was there.

I grew up in Solihull, so only knew Worcestershire from when my parents retired and moved to Fladbury in about 1990.

Small world indeed, I was born in Birlingham, and have lived in Pershore since 1984. It’s a great little town which did have a lot of live music until the pandemic struck.

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I normally go and stay with my parents once or twice a year.

We could all meet up post covid for a wine and music evening.

Invite Fripp and Toyah too!!

They probably have a Statement system.

Cool, that sounds great. Morton as well.

Fripp and Toyah’s House(s) are big enough for a statement system.

Sounds good to me

Looking at the available pictures on Google I’m not sure that it wasn’t Cropthorne Mill - on the opposite side of the river from Fladbury. They had a punt on a fixed wire to get back and forth.

This would have been early 80s. Rachel’s family name was I think Barham and it was like an extended family timeshare. There was a lovely lounge on the first floor that ran across the end of the building with views up, across and downstream, and a big attic dormitory that everybody used to kip in.

It’s a magical spot.

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Wow, sounds like Pershore is suddenly the centre of the music universe.

Well if Robert Fripp lives there, it possibly is.

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Too right, just need Eno to move in next door!

Looking at the pictures of Fripp’s house made me think of the King Crimson song Coda Marine 475 - Lyrics:-

475, 410,
400, 062,
1097, 65,
Marine 10,
190, 510,
Motor 254

Ah yes - Bobby Fripp. Used to date my sister in law.

Very unlikely, but I do see Tony Iommi about occasionally. Lives not far away. Saw Stella McC in the local a few years back, lives very locally. On of our Tesco delivery drivers, now retired, delivered to her, and Paul took the shopping in. I understand he was with her all during the first lockdown.

Jim Capaldi and Ariel Bender were local as well.

Must be a serious recording studio near bye

I am a big fan of Toyah and Robert’s Sunday Lunch as it is guaranteed to make me smile.

All I can say is, ‘Keep on keeping’ on’ Toyah and Robert!


I’m not so sure to be honest, she has previously detailed cosmetic surgery I believe in a book and on ‘loose women’.

My memory of that time would probably not concur, but some things get better with age!

Source, in which she also admits to having had a facelift.

Money quote:

That’s why I’m begging my husband to let me have a hysterectomy because it would completely get rid of all the bad memories I have of my problems with my hormones.

But he won’t let me. I’d also like a tummy tuck and, if it was up to me, I would have my boobs completely removed because I can’t bear them. But, again, he says “No”.

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