Trade CD5i (italic) for CD2?

Currently have a 5i italic. I have the opportunity to get a CD2 that is in like new condition with low hours of use. What are the sound characteristics of each? Currently using an XS integrated.

I can’t tell you about the sound, and if it’s like new it might work for a long time, but do consider this by NeilS:

Hi @jsbach1685

No help regarding the sound either but I have a Naim CDI that has been running since 1992 and was serviced in November last year (but didn’t need a new laser or any repair). It came back looking and sounding like new, really fantastic job done by Naim.

IMO if you enjoy a Naim CD the only question is the price. If the price reflects the risk I would go for it. In fact its a bit more than an opinion for once as I went for a CDS3 in February.

Life’s to short, the CD2 might last longer than…

My CD2 sounded wonderfully silky and musical. My 5X, a lovely player in its’ own right, sounded great, but a little bit forward and ‘hifi’ in comparison.

Be warned tho - CD2 DAC seems ‘delicate’ (not the most useful term I agree)… it was just back from a repair (buzz after accidental power failure), when i moved the mains cable to the power block (seemed slightly loose in the socket and was a tiny short as I moved it) and back came the buzz…user error in both cases and I’ll repair again, because I love the CD2 sound. But next time I’ll be checking connections regularly - with the power off!

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