Trading it all in

I thought all old and new classic were compatible.

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Here you go, you’d need cable number 4.



I think there are so many permutations it’s very confusing, and there are either gaps in the current product line which may or may not be filled or you just have to accept certain things won’t have newer versions which work together.

From FAQs:

In my case there isn’t a new preamp which I could utilise the Supercap DR with as an external power unit, whereas XPS DR/555 PS would if my memory is correct (as I never had them) have supported the old pre-streamer NAC-N 272 (XP5 XS listed to work on the old product page with that but not the new).

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Err, I would not do this… :anguished:

If I was to consider such a huge change, then a prolonged home dem would be mandatory. IMO.

But… YMMV… :expressionless:

(IMO, its wrong to say that any NC unit is not compatible with a Classic or earlier unit. If they were not, why would Naim have designed and made all of the range of ‘conversion’ cables…? But… YMMV.)


Now maybe there’s a NAC 252 replacement coming which will allow use of a Supercap DR for power rather than signal alone, but I suspect not. I can’t see that the NAC 332 could be powered by it due to different Burndy configurations unless it’s just a matter of a new modified single to double headed Burndy or something.

I’m thinking of SUPERCAP/HICAP specifically but while they could still be used ‘upstream’ to power Classic/Olive/CB kit, I can only seen that it would be in the context of the source side being older, active or passive) with new cables to send signal to the power amps.

They could still be used for SNAXOs and SuperLine/StageLine I guess but not to power a New Classic pre of any kind. Or am I missing something fundamental?

You are correct, in that Classic PS’s will not/cannot power NC and visa versa - an NC PS cannot power anything but NC units.

I was thinking of just NAC’s and NAP’s - regarding any PS as part of the NAC… :thinking:

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You’ve pretty much got it. The Hicap and Supercap can’t power the new stuff. Anyone wanting to change or upgrade needs to take some big decisions.


Punchy ?
None of my older Naim kit perform non-punchy if there’s such a word.

Oh… and apart from upgrading your poweramp, your downgrading your streamer and preamp - good luck with that.


It is what it is I guess, and my SC DR stepping stone purchase for the NAC 282 intending to move to a NAC 252 at a later date seems foolish unless I go ‘pre-loved’.

Still mulling the option of using the SC DR on the SNAXO 242, assuming I can get an appropriate Burndy as I doubt they’re stock items these days, but this wasn’t my intended course.

This is largely why if considering downsizing/fewer boxes it would probably be silly not to consider other available 2-3 box solutions as the cost of fully new Naim solutions are a heck of lot of money which could be used to start from scratch if you’re the type who’s evolved a system over decades and not just had hard cash to plonk down once and for all.

Howzabout…get a 252 and add active ATC’s (19/20/40)?

I’m curious, have you listened to the new classic series?

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No. Never said that I had… :expressionless:

I do not need to listen to NC, to be able to understand compatibility. The only issue here (IMO), is the introduction of fully balanced XLR connections between the NAC’s & NAP’s on the NC range. This is not an insurmountable problem. Naim have designed leads to deal with this - and much more. Others have already posted details of these, above.

Lets Try To Get Along

I suspect the query about whether you had heard was not about compatibility, but about your apparently strong feeling that it would not be a good move, and saying it would be a huge change.


Its pretty much the OP’s full system…!!! That they propose replacing, with NC units.
I think that that is a huge change - or a big change - or a very significant change… :thinking:

A good home dem can still answer if this change is to the OP’s liking.

The alternative would be to swap the OP’s NAP200 for a non-NC NAP250.
Less change, less risk. IMO…



Indeed - I can’t imagine anyone making such a complete change without good reason, and it would be surprising, not to say risky, to do so without having compared…


Yet some people do… Despite what they may be advised, on here or elsewhere.

You don’t need to get rid of everything.
You could replace ndx2/282/napsc/hicap with the nsc222 - streamer plus preamp in one, and still use your 200 with the correct legacy compatibility cable.

Or swap 200 for a new 250, and the correct legacy compatibility cable to connect to 282/hicap.

I suggest talking to a dealer about combining parts of what you have with the “new classic” range.

Eg you might prefer your ndx2/282 combo over a 222.

At least listen to old classic/new classic combinations before starting over with 100% new classic.

282/hicap/200 (or 250) is quite aspirational and still a very good system, just because it’s now discontinued doesn’t make it broken.


For my ears the 222/250 will leave your existing system in the dust wrt SQ. But I never got on with the 200. And the NDX2 without a PS is rather forgettable. But you should try and demo first because you may not get on with the change. Though I don’t see how you wouldn’t.


All that said, I’ve bought amps unheard, on the strength of specifications, reviews including tests, and user comments, and never yet been disappointed. But then amps are a different kettle of fish compared to speakers and DACs.

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