Trading it all in

Thinking of trading in my current system for a new nsc222 and nap250 (keeping my ae509s). Switching 5 boxes for two and getting the punchy new naim sound.
Be interested to know what folks think.

– nac282 pre-amp + hicap
– ndx2 streamer
– nap200 dr amp
– napsc2 power supply

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If you prefer it, why not? (If you don’t, why?)


I haven’t heard any NC stuff but previously loved the 282/200 pairing with my then CDX2/XPS.

Would suggest home demo.


It would certainly sound different, but only you can decide if it is any better.


If reducing box count is your goal it makes sense. Not sure sound would be markedly better. Your listed existing system has ‘napsc’ twice- do you mean NAPSC and HiCap?

On paper that looks like a downgrade, or sideward step at step at best.

You already have a great system with plenty of upgrade potential e.g. NA250 (3 or DR), XPSDR, 555DR etc…

Be good to audition the above combinations versus 222/250, if that’s feasible.

If box count is a big motivator then obviously the NC is a clear winner.


Demo required in 2 stages

NC 222 vs 282/ndx2 - try that first with your nap200

Do you like that change ?

If so replace the 200 with nc250

Do you like that change ? Does it give you the significant SQ uplift that you are looking for ?


Or get rid of everything and just get the best bit of kit Naim has produced the Mu-So 2


thanks --corrected

nap250dr is my next step – but feels like I’m building redundancy into my system…and the new 250 isn’t compatible with it. I agree – a home audition would be good.

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Just for the sake of it, I’d also be curious to compare the pre-amp section of the NSC222 and the 282 keeping the NDX2 as a source. I don’t think many have done that so far.

I can’t help that there’s a certain Phil Collins song going through my head when I read this…

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Against all odds?


No, but… :rofl:

That’s even better

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NC 222 vs 282/ndx2 - the NSC222 isnt compatable with my nap200

Absolutely, go for an audition and you will go for it


Apart from the change from 200 to NC250, in my listening experience it will be a sideways move at best, and unless you add the 300 power supply will not sound as good as you have in purely HiFi terms (clarity for example).

You may or may not like the subtle shift in sound signature. It’s noticeable…

the new nc250 is a substantial upgrade on my old nap200… be interesting to know if x2 boxes sounded better!

never heard anyone say a 282 is not punchy, id keep what you have and buy a nap 300 but…if you wanna reduce boxes and go backwards on quality then thats different, we all have to live with this stuff

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I’m probably not alone in feeling a bit ‘at sea’ and confused with options going forwards, especially as I’ve bought and added to or upgraded Naim stuff for over 30 years.

I probably made a mistake buying a SupercapDR last year for the NAC 282 given a long game plan of ultimately upgrading to a NAC 252 as I’ve never quite felt happy with the NAC 282 I got 5-6 years ago.

While I may be able to get a used NAC 252 I hadn’t anticipated that within months of getting the Supercap DR that the Classic range which was completely compatible with my older olive NAP 250s/HICAPs would end up beings discontinued with superficially at least loss of compatibility with the Supercap DR which was hardly an inexpensive component.

So, I think if I was in your position, I’d also be looking at alternatives from other manufacturers as well if the intent was to reduce the box count or look for upgrades while getting rid of the existing system.

A personal thing, but I don’t like the aesthetics of the new kit as much as the older kit either, especially if I was looking to incorporate old and new components, though if I got rid of olive/classic stuff I think the new stuff would probably work visually together, not seen it in the flesh so can’t say with certainty.

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