Tried something new...Alluxity Int One Mark II

I have been looking to try something new with my second system. I ordered an Alluxity Int One Mark II and hooked it up yesterday in replacement of my Supernait 3. I have an ND555 as a source with Wilson Duette speakers. I was initially surprised that the volume level on the Alluxity seemed rather low compared to the supernait 3. I put Transparent Super speaker cables in, perhaps that had soemthing to do with it as well? Only listened for a short while but noticed improvement all the way around. The music presented clearer and was definitely more in front of me then with the supernait 3. I don’t want to say the supernait 3 was too bright but this just had a different/softer presentation to the music that seemd to work well.

Today I’m going to try the NDX2 in place of the ND555 and see how it sounds and put the ND555 back in the main system. I may sell the ND555 though and try a new streamer altogether in my second system. My main source on the main system is vinyl and true listening of digital playback is in the second system. I saw one other post on this integrated so thought I’d chime in and give my two cents.

This is the unit…Have it in the same color, kind of fun!


Very nice beast for sure.

Looking for new speakers for my Nova, i tried a pair of Stenheim Two this saturday.

Wonderful speakers and the sound was amazing (But not sure Nova could take all benefit of such very very capable speakers)

Then we made a second test pairing the Stenheim with the Alluxity INT MKii + NDX2…a totally different level no doubt and as mentionned above , the soundstage jumped in front of me by a good meter if not more. Very suprising.
So speakers should be moved a a bit to cope with that and keeping the very large and deep soundstage that those Stenheim Two are capable of.

Will do addit test for sure…and finally a home demo, but can potential be my “next level” …will see if fund permit as well :wink:

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I really enjoy the music on this integrated. I connected my NDX2 to it and it does sound really good with that as well. I wish I had not put the ND555 on the front end to start as that is now back in the main system. I would like to boost the NDX2 though and either get a different streamer/dac (perhaps Bartok or Rossini) or run a Chord Dave or DCS Scarlatti equivelent with the NDX2. I tried the Chord TT2 with the NDX2/Supernait 3 and wasn’t wowed. Perhaps a Dave with the new integrated would sound better.

Congrats though @Hififan All of that sounds like a big step up! I had the Nova before the Supernait 3. Supernait 3 was good but this Alluxity is in my opininon and to my ears, beyond the supernait 3. Have fun with the home demo! Nice you can do that. Living in the U.S. i purchased my Alluxity from a dealer in Canada without any demo at all. Glad I did though!

Just see that this integrated costs twice the SN3. So it’s a bit logical if it may sound better.

Correct, price tag is high but would say it’s also above my previous system (282/250.2) or to be fair so different that can really drive the Stenheim the way they need/deserve

Would be nice having a comparison with NC222/NC250

Other benefit for me is definitely the one box setup approach (for the amp I mean)

The only point I have deal with (to see if ok in a long term for me) is the fact the sound I way more forward…close to me …Naim are backwards in comparison.
So feeling more “in the sound” but have to see what about long listening session…and treble (I’m very sensitive on this topic)

As always matter of choice/preference , and perhaps the right time for Naim to announce the NC Supernait too :joy:

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Certainly more than the SN3 but can say that the sound was better than twice as good. I want to put it with my main system and see how it fairs with the Wilson Sasha’s and the LP12. I know it should be less quality than the 552/500 but curious how far less. It has me seriously considering a one box Vitus SIA030 to replace the 552/500. Vitus is the same company as the Alluxity.

I also would think it would be nice if Naim came out with a super integrated amp/preamp. No DAC, no phono stage, just a beast of an integrated.


I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the 282/250 compared to the alluxity, I’m considering such a move, as I’d still like to cut down the box count significantly and this is on my short list. My speakers could use more grunt and control (dynaudio confidence 20). I think the 300 would help, but it doesn’t downsize.

You really need to try for yourself.
Having “one box” was for me a must, hence me look on the Alluxity.

For the sound it’s a bit different because alluxity is giving a forward approach…more “in you face”…more “lively”, but could imagine not the sound for all.

As my new system will be mainly dedicated to vinyl, i’m today not 100% sure that i will finally go for the alluxity.
And not talking that new speaker would be a must to have all benefit of this amplifier…here again addit cost. :wink:

So also thinking be a bit more reasonable by rechecking alternative like SN3, Rega Aethos…

Aavik maybe?

Hum, as mainly for vinyl,would preferably stay/go with “analog” amps instead of “Class D”

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Class d is not digital, and the really good ones sound pretty good with analog sources.

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The class D sounds a bit cold to my ears, except which came from the B&O B28…voice are something really special on this one, but was not as happy with the bass (like them a bit more taut)

As there’s some dozen of members here who went from Naim to Aavik, I doubt they found the sound cold. But have no experience with that brand.

I went from the Supernait 3 to the Alluxity in my second system and it was better. It was just a more refined sound than the supernait. I contemplated going to a 250/282 but just honestly wanted to try something new. I’m glad I did as it engaged me in the music a bit more. I just put a Bartok on it and getting used to that. At first I had my ND555 on it and it sounded so good. So good in fact, I’m contemplating replacing the 552/500 with a Vitus integrated. I listed to a lot of vinyl in my 552/500 system though and really am torn to move on from that combo for analog.

I have heard of some folks going to Aavik from Naim and loving it. I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to their stuff though.

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I’m curious to know what you mean by the soundstage jumped in front of you? Did the “stage” move more forward of the speakers? or a deeper stage behind the speakers? I’ve been going back and forth between the alluxity and the audionet watt for my confidence 20’s. Right now (this minute L), I’m leaning toward the alluxity as it is smaller lighter than the audionet, however, any weight saving is negated by having to keep the regs phono stage , so the weight just moves to a different and additional box. The other concern is right now only the titanium (grey) is around for the alluxity

  • the one color that I really don’t want, and I’ve got to say part of the appeal is the look, so its too big a compromise to get that colour.

Yep, sound is pushed one meter more in front of you at least (compared to the Naim)

So you are more “in the sound” …but can be to much (for me) time to time

All matter of taste…as always;-)

I also went from SN 3 to Alluxity int One Mark 2. Albeit in color black. For me a real upgrade but remember its also more expensive. They have no stock so you have to be a little patient its made to order . Sound-wise its more fluid and wider and has a more of a relax feel about it. This also comes because it has a lot of power so more control. I am very happy with my switch.


I also have ordered an alluxity 1 int. amp. So far, I don’t seem to be lucky. I decided to go with the orange finish only to find there would be a delay, but I decided to wait. I’ve since learned that there is now going to be an addl. charge for that colour (phooey). I contacted them directly and received a reply quickly, which was excellent service and they explained that at the end of 2023 the paint or painter they’d been using was no longer available, so they are now looking for a replacement and at that point they will also set the new price. Unfortunately, it sounds like my order may be in limbo until then, and I’m also unsure how much of an increase there will be. I hate to go back to the black or white which seems to be the remaining standard (price) colours after waiting, but……

Benjy waiting will be worth it. Everyday i enjoy this amp more and more. It’s a compact powerhouse in control of the music i am very happy with it.

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