I own a ND5 XS 2 r and I want this unit to trigger when the tidal app is selected just like it does when I select tidal on my phone tied to a separate main unity atom. Do I get a trigger cable if so what size will fit the ND5 XS 2 r and where is that exactly on the back of panel? Is it digital out or IR out?

Welcome to the forum. You don’t list your system(s) in your profile, so not easy to answer your question.
In Naim terms, it is called system automation, which requires a simple lead connected between streamer and NAC.
This has been covered several times on the forum, try a search, this link will maybe be a starting point. NAC 282 System Automation with ND5 XS2 Streamer

When you open the Tidal app you should be able to choose which device you want to cast to. If the app is set to use your Atom, you just need to select the ND5XS2 instead. You probably want to do so using Tidal Connect, although Airplay, Chromecast and Bluetooth are other options.
If you are using a Naim amp, you will not be able to access its volume control from within the Tidal app. You can use System Automation if you add a suitable cable, but then you can only control volume from the Naim app.

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