Trying to connect HC2 to XS2

Hi friends,
Trying to connect HC2 to XS2.
HC - pre amp socket 4
XS2 - pre amp out
Doesn’t work… hear nothing…
What am I doing wrong?

Any help appreciated


You need another snaic

4 pin snaic is the red one
5 pin snaic is the black one

Link plug out of the XS2.

XS2 preamp out to Hicap socket 4 via a SNAIC5.

SNAIC4 from Hicap socket 3 to XS2 power amp in.

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Read the manual. Or use the forum search for that matter. The question seems to be asked every week.

Possibly they assume the one cable that comes with the hicap is all that’s needed. Buying from a Naim dealer should resolve that, as they’d know to sell you the snaic5 as well.

Naim connectivity can sometimes be a bit confusing even with the manuals and especially if you’re new to the brand.

No harm in asking if unsure.


Or even the Snaic4. Which I guess proves the point it’s confusing.

Good connection advice above, Ron. Please turn units off before making and breaking connections. Having connected properly, then power up.



When I bought the HiCap a week or two ago my dealer was ready to sell me another SNAIC5 until I pointed out the connection diagram showed a 4 pin and a 5 pin. Is there anything the HiCap powers that doesn’t need a 2nd SNAIC?

Yes, almost all uses of the Hicap require only one Snaic. It’s only when it’s used with an integrated amp that you need it, and that’s not really what it was originally designed for. So if the second Snaic was provided as standard nearly all of them would be wasted.

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Not really. Say you use a Hicap with a 202 or 282 and a 200: there is a Snaic 5 between the Hicap and 202/282, and a Snaic 4 between the Hicap and the 200. So two Snaics, no different to using a Hicap with a Nait XS or a Supernait, both of which are pre and power amp in a single box. Signal
Always goes via the Hicap, but when using say a 250 or a 300 the Snaic4 is replaced by a 4 pin Din to XLR lead.

An example of when a Hicap has only one Snaic is when it’s being used as the second Hicap on a dual Hicap with 282, or when it’s powering a CD5XS or a NAT05XS.

Fair enough, but the Hicap to power amp lead would be supplied as standard with the power amp rather than being an additional purchase.

Exactly. That’s why a Hicap only comes with a Snaic 5.

Hi James,
I managed to get used 4 pin cable (not naim original) and it works.
Only question remains- what is the influence of quality power cables on the sound?
Should I invest in new ones?

Thank you for your patience


Hi Ron,

Glad to hear you’ve got it all working. I’d try and get yourself a genuine SNAIC4 if you can.

Power cables - the standard Naim ones work very well, but if you want more then look for some preloved Powerlines. You can pick them up for around £350 or so. I’m not sure what the rest of your system is so perhaps money might be spent more usefully elsewhere rather than on changing power cables ?


Ron, definitely yes. Note that discussion of fake “SNAICs” and other cables that carry DC power between Naim boxes is strictly forbidden, and for good reason; at best, they won’t give you the performance Naim intended, and at worst, they may cause damage to your equipment and may very well void any warranty on connected equipment.

Get a real Naim SNAIC4.

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