Trying to determine what's broken

Looking for some more ideas please guys…
A couple of days ago I started a topic “Just a little bit of help please”, as I thought I was connecting various cables wrongly. A after several pieces of good advice from members, it was virtually determined that my NAP 300DR had developed a fault. The Left channel was totally dead. No sound, no hiss. A very helpful engineer from a dealership, talked me through all the connections again, we even swapped the L&R speaker cables around. Left channel still dead. It turns out that my connections were correct in the first place.

Cut a long story short, the dealer took my NAP 300 to do some tests in their workshop. I called him today just to make sure he’d sent it off to Salisbury ok. To my shock, he told me that they still had the 300 and that it was working just fine! :astonished: He is going to test it again on Monday, just to confirm that it is still working.
So, if it isn’t the 300, it must mean an issue with the 282, SuperCap or NDX 2, which are both brand new! Could it be something as simple as the Interconnect from the NDX 2, which is the supplied grey cable?

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Do you have another source, just to check whether it’s a stuck relay in the NDX2 or in the NAC282?

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Did the dealer test the 300 with your DIN to XLR cables ? From you previous tests, you isolated the problem to the 300 and its cables so it’s doubtful that it’s something further back up the chain.

I’d really suggest if the 300 is still working ok on Monday then your dealer brings it back and installs everything to make sure the whole system is ok.


And brings some cables with him to try at your place.

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The only thing I have Richard, is the Raspberry Pie4 with it’s DAC, that I used it in-between my dcs Bartók and my new NDX 2.

Yes James, he used all the cables that came with NAP 300.
That is a good idea for him to bring back the 300, and set it up again. However, the dealer that has my 300 and carrying out the tests. Is not the dealer that I made the purchase from. No idea what they charge for a full install. They have told me, that the tests they are doing are not for free. May have been different if I’d have purchased there originally. Which is fair enough.

If the 300 is working and the fault still occurs then you can test the sc/282 by feeding it with your mobile phone and a suitable test cable from ebay or similar. If that works then you will know it is either the ndx or the cable connecting the ndx.

If you are paying the dealer to fault find you could ask him to bring a hicap to your home to isolate the fault to either the 282 or the supercap and its connections.

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I’ve got a trusted pair of RCAs, but can’t find them at the moment. Just moved house. Typical!:grinning:

Good idea👍

I’d certainly get them to do the install, even if they charge you. At least it’s peace of mind and will save you fiddling about with cables etc. Its also a chance to get to know your ‘new’ dealer and useful for the future.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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On the previous thread I mentioned trying the 282 with only one connection to the SC i.e. treat the SC as a HC did you try this?

282 will require the link plug back in too.

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I haven’t just yet. I will await the findings of the dealer on Monday, and suggest your idea.

Thanks :+1:

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I have no idea what an install would cost. £100-£200? I am more than competent of putting the system together. However, when something decides to misbehave itself, I’m stumped. :grinning:

I’m not sure what the deal would be it it turned out to be just a faulty Naim Interconnect? Obviously Naim would replace it as the NDX 2 is brand new.

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I’m not doubting your ability to install your system David - from what you described you had it connected correctly in your original thread :slightly_smiling_face:
You had a 300 that seemed to be not working (I’ll caveat that as 300 and ch1 DIN to XLR cable) with no sound on the left channel and is now working at your dealers premises. If it was me, I’d want the dealer who is presently testing your 300, to bring it back and set it up in your system just to check all is still well. From the previous tests you did, it pointed towards a problem with the 300 / cable combo. As others have suggested, if he could bring some spare cables and even better, a substitute pre and PSU, then most avenues are covered for further in situ diagnosis if needed. I doubt it’s the NDX2 or lavender cable as you selected mono on the 282 source button row and still only got sound on the right channel.

Anyway, hope you get to the bottom of it and I’ll be very interested in what you find !

Thanks James. I agree, get the dealer here and test it all. Their guy is actually an engineer, as they repair various bits at the dealership.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Would you believe it! :astonished:

After all that, it turns out the be a faulty Tellurium Q, left speaker cable. I had checked all cables for anything obvious as a first priority. However, you cant’ see what’s going on under the sleeve that covers the join to the Banana plug.

The dealer had tested my 300 and 282 at their shop. (Costing me £105) All working perfectly. Lugged the boxes home and set up the system again. When it came to plugging in the left speaker cable (Speaker end) I noticed that the Positive Banana plug was a bit ‘limp’. On further examination, the cable had sheared off and totally detached itself from the plug.

So, it’s good news and bad news. Thank goodness it wasn’t the Naim boxes, the bad news is that it looks like a new set of speaker cables. To be fair, they were purchased 10 years ago, to go with my Supernait, HiCap, ND5 XS and Spendor A5s. I guess I can send them away and have a new plug soldered on, but time for an upgrade me thinks. :+1:
Not ideal I know, but I found an old Banana screw on plug as a temp fix.


Well… I guess some lessons were learned…? Turned out to be something very simple. Which is easy to fix, too…

Win - Win - ??

Yes Ian, It is. :+1: However, I’m curious to know what’s going on under the sleeves of the other 7 Banana plugs? :+1: The cables have been treated like a basket of eggs. Never trodden on, pushed, knocked etc…

I never trust those Z-plugs. The hard springy metal always seems more brittle and prone to movement, snapping off, or pulling away from the solder. Give me a proper banana any day. Perhaps even right angled bananas like Naim’s which reduce strain on the jointed cable by allowing it to hang straight down.

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Do you mean unsoldered ones like these?