Trying to find a solution for accessible CD cover storage

So, 1,700 CDs long since ripped and stored in 2 flight cases using hanging sleeves.

The CD covers, booklets and back covers remain accessible but rather odd looking on what we’re previously our IKEA CD racks in the living room. We want both the racks and the covers etc. gone but I’d like to easily access the latter by having them in some kind of nearby storage which perhaps fits under our low slung sofa.

I’m struggling to find a solution. Suggestions welcome.

I have mine in large plastic storage boxes, typically found in DIY & general purpose household goods places & www.
Not sure about a size for storing under a sofa, plus how many boxes you will need for 1700, I have about 700 in my 2 boxes & they are more than full but too big to go under my sofa’s
Search on www & you can see what’s available


Been searching and you end up with something like the Really Useful box company type things. I’d rather something more like a cardboard pull out drawer but they’re a bigger to source for what I need.

Originally said scan them
Then remembered sight impairment sorry

I could scan them but life is too short.

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… or you could do what a mate has done, sold the saleable ones & given the rest to a charity org.
His logic is they are all ripped to a NAS thats backed up in two separate places … why keep them.

Well there is something to contemplate there.

I have two backups plus the original CDs. I retained the covers in the belief that there are certain booklets it’s nice to peruse when listening. In reality there are many less than the 1,700 CDs and I haven’t looked once in 8 months of streaming despite them all being on display next to the listening position. I suppose there is an argument for paring down at minimum.

Hi again Mike, it started me thinking after I posted about getting rid of them.
I haven’t looked at a booklet in the 7 years I’ve been streaming apart from when the CD is first purchased. The only time I open up the boxes hidden away in an upstairs cupboard is to add yet another CD.
They are now beyond full & overdue me getting another one & that’s not going to happen; my mind is made up to either get rid of them all or just them thin out & junk the valueless ones.
A dark winter job I’m thinking.

Yes I must admit you’ve set me thinking on this.

We had boxes of theatre programs which we collected and never looked at.

I’ve started a process of putting the front cover (often the productions poster) and cast/creative list in a ring binder.

A suggestion is to buy remove the CD artwork/booklet and place in a box/record card file. Then recycle the plastic boxes.

I was going to suggest these - but when I looked they appear unavailable at present - they hold CD and both front and back cover.

… hmmm rethinks … just reading up on the legal stuff…

You have no legal “right” to copy (C) music on a CD that you have legally paid for to your NAS, but its considered OK providing the copy is for your personal use.
However you must remain the owner of the CD, once you no longer own the CD, you sell it or give it away, you no longer have the right to have & use a copy.

I guess its a catch me if you can situation, I’m waiting to see what other forumites have to say


Not targeted at anybody in particular but if you could use your neighbours nice car without them noticing would you? :thinking::wink:

The jewel cases have long since gone. 2 flight cases of CDs in hanging files. 4 columns of card and paper.

I’ve no intention of ridding myself of the actual CDs regardless of having 2 backups (arguably 3 since Mrs. H. is busy putting our entire local music collection onto a 1TB USB stick. The jewel cases have gone. Just the CDs stored.

My sole issue is, I think, access to booklets as needed. I’m thinking I should lose most front and back covers other than those which are unique e.g. I have an Erin Mckeown CD with a cover I cannot find anywhere else.

Contains 165 cd.

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Mmm. Nice. Wonder how three of those might work for booklets.

Wouldn’t Roon make available all the info of your CD library, CD info, cover art etc? On an iPad or similar?

If I’m not mistaken you just point Roon at your library and it catalogs everything for you. Easy Peezey.

10 like these under your bed, and you are done.

Think I’ll maybe get away with 3 under the sofa but, with a bit of rationalisation I might get away with that. Where would I source those boxes?

The Roon suggestion doesn’t stand up to analysis. Roon is outdone sound wise by Innuos 2.0.5 and doesn’t even cover 25% of the fairly mainstream booklets I have.